Wednesday, February 3, 2016

I Should Have More Mercy. Mercy Is For the Weak.

Dear family and friends,

Good morning sunshine, the earth says hello.

Silver is doing really good. He came to church by himself again. We are going to ask Stefano if he can stop by Thiene and take Silver to church so he does not have to spend money every week for church. We are hoping on Friday to see Silver with brother Green who speaks French.

I met a man name Hielo two p-days ago while Anziano Davis was skateboarding. He is super cool from Nigeria. He has been here a long time (ten years). And he has a super nice yellow bike. He is making good progress and is a proof that easy finding work can be done on p day.

Onyeka is doing really good. He is super solid. A lot of Africans fast for a week or go to mountains to fast and pray. Pretty awesome and intense things. I believe it when a lady tells the sister missionaries that she has visions. You get what you put in.

We went out with Frederico Sunday. We went up on the hill behind the station. There is a famous church there that is for Mary. They say that that hill was never taken in the wars because it's sacred ground and due to the church. It was cloudy and hence we

didn't get to see much. But even with fog, you get an interesting view. Frederico didn't really want to talk about things spiritually like what worked last time. So we probably won't do that again. Unless it's p day. He does come to English class. He is just learning and is pretty bummed that he doesn't understand or speak better.

The Moores had their baby. His name is Liam. He weighed six ounces. We went over to see them. They are doing really good. I got to hold Liam for a while and we got to talk to them. The Moores are Anziano Davis' favorite.

Anziano Davis is going to Milan. I'm getting a companion who has been in Treviso. He has been in the mission for about six months. And Sorella Stevens is going to Varese. I'm really happy as I really like Vicenza and I wanted to stay. I need to rise up and have the eye of the tiger. I'm certainly not the best around. But I need to be the karate Kid.

I can see that.

I salute you,
Anziano Gridley

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