Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Miserables. Are You Miserable? You Will Be.

Dear family and friends,

There out in the darkness. A fugitive running fallen from grace.

One of the highlights of the week was that we got the sisters a couple of referrals again this week.. Which hasn't happened for a bit of time. So that was super good.

I'm not sure what the sculptor
was trying to do in depicting Gandhi.

Nothing against Gandhi.
Last week I got a spam text from a member who hasn't been coming to church for a while. Members have been asking me about him and if we've heard anything from him. I hadn't ever heard from him. I checked to make sure it was the correct Raymond and then I returned his spam text with a call. Haha which is fair play and obviously he was on his phone. He answered and we had a good conversation. We then were able to come see him in Bassano on Saturday. Bassano is awesome with beautiful mountains. We had a good lessons about temples inviting him to go. He should be coming to church next month. There have been excuses for him not to come but he is going to come next month. He also showed us a friend that lives next door named Churchill. He will hopefully come to church with Raymond. We gave him a Book of Mormon. This was kind of funny because of how it happened. And because the members had been asking about him.

We were wanting to go play football with the Africans but. It's raining today. It was supposed to be just cloudy. Yahoo weather has failed me. Unimpressive.

I got Anziano Esmay to start doing exercises with me at night. Victory. I keep the faith going as I picked it up from Anziano Delgado and he went home quite a while ago. I've been trying to get someone else to start and have been unsuccessful up to this point.

My three musketeers came to church. It was awesome. Onyeka, Hielo, and Silver came to church on Sunday. Despite the rain for the second week in a row. Onyeka came with us on bike (also Christian). He is doing good. He would be getting baptized Saturday but we have stake conference. So we will wait a bit. Hielo wanted to come. And didn't come last week due to the rain. And so this week he girded up his loins and he came. Heck yeah. Silver got a ride to church from Stefano. And then we spent the day with him as we later ate dinner with brother green and his family with silver. It was super good. His wife is fantastic at making soup. It was a really good day. A day invested in silver. He's awesome.
Hielo and me.

I was getting attacked in church on Sunday. I'm kind of the veteran missionary here so if the branch president wants something from the missionaries. He talks to me. He talked to me about six times on Sunday about random things that needed to get done. He is awesome so it's fine. Sunday's are a little more busy for missionaries.

I got a few things this week. It was kind of funny. Because both times they said a price that was a bit too much. I would just wait a little under a minute thinking about if I really wanted what I was getting and if I could get it cheaper somewhere else. And then they'd slash the price a lot less.. Italy's awesome that way. If I was more cut throat it would be fun trying to get things for nothing. They discount things a ton in January and August.

We have been trying to find new people because we really only have the three musketeers right now. Which isn't bad especially if all of them get baptized. But we are full time missionaries. A bit more time than that. So we have been searching. Maybe I'm losing the mojo a bit. But strada ("street" contacting) isn't working like it did with Anziano Keller. So I've been trying to use the bus stops more like in the past. It's too cold and rainy for parks. Which also destroys talking to people on the street a lot of the time. I don't blame them for not talking to us. I'm not that good looking and it's raining. So we are left with the bus stops. It works OK.

At the end of the day. You are another day older.

I Hail you,
Anziano Gridley

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