Friday, October 31, 2014

Sending Packages to Austin

I just found out that the mission highly discourages family/friends from sending packages as the charges for customs is very costly.  They provide a method for getting around it by using the UK Amazon site, which waives the customs fee.

Please read How to send packages to your Italy Milan Missionary.

Follow the detailed instructions!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Elder Gridley's first day is underway

We just dropped him off and yes, it's turned into a quick thing.  They get you in and out of there within mere minutes.  We said our goodbyes in a nearby church parking lot prior so we could take pictures and have him hug every sibling.

He was so eager once we dropped him off that he didn't look back.  He was off with his host and I'm sure he's enjoying getting to meet the other Elders that he will go to Italy with.  He's probably even learned a few Italian words already!

I sure hope he finds a good tailor that can let his suit out a little, cause Cathi made them measure it snug on him.

The kids are already casting lots for his room.

Elder Gridley is set apart and on his way to the MTC

"Ciao" - Elder Gridley
Last night Austin was set apart by our Stake President and received an awesome blessing.  All the kids lined up along the table to witness this wonderful experience.  Austin shared his testimony and all the kids were able to give a little advice.  Some of which were "Be nice".

After being set apart we got home and Isaac was excited to be his "companion" and slept last night in his room with Elder Gridley.  It sure is neat to see the little guys look up to the older brother setting a beautiful example.

When Austin arrives to the MTC, the format I've heard is totally different from 1991 where family went in, and attended a short meeting and made their teary farewells in the building.  Now it's a quick drop off your son with his bags at the curb, get a hug and get on your way.  We'll find out in just a few hours.  Cathi is taking all the kids out of school this morning so they can witness Austin making his first step into the field.

If you would like to email Elder Gridley his email is:

His MTC mailing address is:
Elder Austin James Gridley
Dec 10th, ITA-MIL
2007 N. 900 E. Unit 45
Provo, UT 84602

His contact information will continue to be updated on the "Contact" page listed below the blog header.

As we get Austin's emails, we will be taking them as the content for this blog to keep everyone updated.