Thursday, August 25, 2016


Some of the people we have been seeing.

We saw "A" last night. we have seen him a number of times I think I did email about him. but he is this older man who is super funny. He used to bike a lot as a younger guy and still bikes. he has a problem keeping commitments. He thinks he is a devil (he's joking). but I told him if he comes to church we will go on a bike riding trip with him. he told me he didn't want to do that anyways. haha.

"S" is a Nigerian who is super awesome and is ready to be baptized by the earlier missionaries. he just needs to wait to leave a camp. but yeah the first five weeks I was here we weren't able to see him or really get a hold of him. and then I called and he answered and everything was cool and we were friends. He said he was having document problems and was busy. He is doing great again, though.

"J"is a Nigerian that is super stubborn and his dad was a big leader thing in Nigeria back in the day. his dad died and yeah he hasn't been to our church for many many years. it stinks he used to be a member cause he thinks he knows things about the church he doesn't. for example, he was telling us in Africa the leaders of the church are paid. I didn't think so. we checked with a member that was baptized over 15 years ago in Nigeria and he confirmed no one is paid. but he is sure. He doesn't believe in the sabbath day. he believes Jesus not only spoke out against the pharmacist about the sabbath. he abolished the sabbath. There are soo many arguments against that. I told him that as Christians we generally follow the ten commandments as well as many other things. but if he doesn't want to follow the sabbath he is not following ten commandments but nine. and then he started telling me that that wasn't one of the ten commandments. It's super important he understands the importance of Sunday because if not he doesn't have a church. and his won't have a motivation to find a church. and hence will still not try super hard to find the true church of god.

"C" is super awesome he is from Nigeria. He moved to Verona to live with his aunt and uncle. He has come to church these last few weeks and we have met with him a few times. He's reading from the book of Mormon and he is definitely a baptism waiting to happen. He's blooming awesome.

A family from Brazil came to church a few weeks ago. the husband is friends with a member of the church that also speaks Portuguese and they all came to church. his wife is catholic. and the husband hasn't been to church since he was a teenager. we are hoping to help this family. we went and saw them once and it was awesome. They have two cute younger daughters. and the husband and wife are super nice.