Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Give Me A Challenge

Dear family and friends,

Stai attento ragazzo. Il tuo anime è in pericolo. (Watch out boy.  Your souls are in danger)

Hielo is doing pretty good. We have started to teach him at his apartment. Because last week someone broke into his apartment complex and stole his bike. His bike was a yellow beauty. Hielo is a bit sick in his body. He has less strength for walking so this was a pretty big blow to him. Something cool was he walked to church for us one day. Which is a long walk. We didn't ask him to do that but he did. Later he found his bike. Someone had bought it from the thief who is from Morocco. And gave it to Hielo. This is really good as hielo could not afford to buy another bike. This will help him come to church. Hielo is pretty lonely without any really close friends etc. We are trying to help him to continue to do good. He has been making some pretty amazing changes in his life for the better as he has been doing all the things we have been asking. He is a great example of good change and how the gospel can help you.

Silver is doing really good. He is a homey. On Friday it was raining out of nowhere in Thiene. We were going to have to walk to the station without umbrellas with packages and nice clothes on. (We had come straight from zone training so we could see silver). But Silver came with us so we could use umbrellas. He doesn't feel like he's got a good heart. But Silver is one of the sweetest guys ever. All three of the three musketeers came to stake conference. Onyeka also brought a friend. Stake conference went super well. Yeah we were content with how many of our guys came. They really liked it.

Onyeka is doing really good. He's ready to be baptized. We are just waiting to help finish helping Silver be ready.

We found Shima again. The friend of Christian. He just has gone undercover and without him having a phone we couldn't help him as would have been good. He was doing good with Christian and Chris. But then we lost all of them and then found Christian again. We taught Shima, Christian, and Onyeka together. It went fine. We got Shimas number and we tried to see him with the other two again last night. But it didn't happen. I invited Christian to try to help Shima come to church. Christian said that you can only lead the camel to the waters. You can't force the camel to drink. Haha. With some of the cool guys we have tried to help and teach like Shima some of them tell us of no problems and if we ask they don't talk about it. But there is a problem cause they don't come to church meet with us etc. It's better that they let us help if there is a problem. That's one reason some people don't get baptized.

Yeah all our other guys that were baptized are doing pretty good. We see them decently often and they still try to come to church etc. Anziano Keller / Davis and I did a good job of helping the four guys know we care about them and have positive emotions associated to the church. quality is a very important thing.

George is from Nigeria who we met a few months ago. We have met with him a few times and right now we are going to try to help him learn how to read and to get baptized. He still needs to come to church so that's one of the next big things. Also some of his friends I think are a bad influence on him. Which was a red flag. But he's doing fine and has done the things we have asked so I can't blame him for it.

I met the belly dancing lady Patricia this week. That was interesting. Never trust two types of people. An Italian. And a woman. Haha. Together that's a powerful combination.

District meeting was a bit sub par. The sisters were seriously late (they were sick). And then we got a call that someone got into an accident and we were needed at the hospital. We were not needed. But we were able to say hi. We then we came back. And we didn't really have time to do an adequate district meeting. Happens. I just want to have the most legendary great district meetings ever but in the end it's a lower priority say under people.

My missionary mojo has been waning recently. I'm not sure what's wrong with me. But I'm not able Rocky the sixth movie. The mojo isn't the same. Hopefully I can bring it back.
to do what I once was able to do. I'm like Rocky in

We are playing Football with the guys today. I'm pretty dang excited. I don't plan on losing.

Before football we are going to hopefully have lunch with Godwin. He is going to teach me the art of fufu today.. So I know hopefully how to make it etc. Give a man a fish you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime.

Aspettate me.

Buona vita,
Anziano Gridley

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