Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Rudolph is Italian

Dear family and friends,

You see me mowin my back lawn.. They laugh and point cause I'm so white and nerdy.

Two days ago we ran into Christian near our apartment.. I recognized him and we talked for a few minutes.. He still really likes us.. His phone stopped working which he had and was the reason we hadn't been seeing him. He had gotten a new phone and we got his number.. We met with him again and he said he still wants to be baptized.. He was one of my best back in the day.. So hopefully he won't disappear again. If he does make it though.. That's probably one of the reasons I stayed here an extra 8 weeks.. So I could recognize him and help him finish the journey into the church. Or not haha.

We also met with frank again. He likes to go to his church.. But we had a really good lesson with him in a cellar.. So hopefully he is going to come to church and what not.. He is so cute.. I hope he chooses our church. He really wanted me to buy him a phone and we told him I couldn't last lesson haha.

We are going to the mccbrides today to play board games.. He is competitive, I'm competitive.. Blood will be drawn. Hopefully we don't play any weird games. I also did p 90 x this morning. I haven't felt this alive in a long time.

There will hopefully be two baptisms with Saturday for Sylvester and boyobo.. We are as ready as we can get with Africans.. We pray for the best.

Christmas was really good. We went to the Clarks for an American breakfast.. They also gave each of us a gift.. They gave me a really nice tie.. and a Russian nesting doll from Croatia.. It was super nice and kind of them. We then went to the mccolums for lunch.. Godwin Ek and Godspower came.. They are all doing really well. The mccolums house was pretty spectacular.. We then went to the mohrs to skype.. Christmas Eve we went to the greens and had a very nice dinner.. She is just about to have a baby.. We then went to the marianis.. The branch president.. His kids were a bit hyped up and crazy while we were there.. He is pretty fantastic.. His wife is nice.. It was pretty fun.. We played a fun bingo game thing.. I tied in winning.. What up.

We had Splits on Sunday. It went really good. I went with brother leach to the Clarks and the holladays. Both lessons went really good. Brother leach is awesome.. I learned about the commitment process that they focused more on back in his missionary days.. And going into lessons with a purpose.

We went to the mall yesterday with the larsons the senior couple.. Anziano Davis got Christmas ornaments for his mom.. I almost got this sweet 50% off jacket thing.. Saldi has started.. Embrace the darkness. 50% off is child's play during saldi.. So hopefully if I really want it I'll get it another time and it'll get cheaper.

I got some new gloves for myself.. Hint hint nod nod. I remember.

She said shut up and dance with me.

My boy you day nice,
Anziano Gridley

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