Wednesday, December 16, 2015

I know for a fact that you don't like to party.

Dear family and friends,

Welcome back to who wants to be a millionaire!

Austin looking wise.
One of the sisters was at the church doing emails while Anziano Davis was still emailing and the computer wasn't working or something so I having pity asked her, "Do you want to get on the computer?" She said yes. And using my computer hacking skills had the computer working for her within a couple minutes. She then later couldn't figure out how to make a smiley face. So I having pity asked her, "Do you want a smiley face?" She said yes. A minute later ora echo (now behold) there was a smiley face. Anziano Davis got her a question mark. I just thought it was funny.

Christian and Martin went to Germany. So that makes sense. Hopefully Christian will still get baptized etc seeing as he was one of the best. It's a good thing as they will hopefully find work.

Anziano Gridley with Dennis
Dennis came to the Christmas party. We had a lesson with him and then we rode our bikes to the church. It was really good cause Dennis and I are already pretty tight. I spent basically the party with him getting even more tight and he's already super legit. We had another lesson with him yesterday and he was excited for us to come back which is great (we didn't see him for a month a bit ago). So hopefully he'll keep going upwards.
Also at the Christmas party I was one of the three wise men. Anziano Davis, Dan (shirts guy), and me were wise men that handed out goody bags. We looked pretty good.

The other missionaries were teaching two main other people Boyobo and Charles. Boyobo is from Nigeria and is super cool. We are trying to help him learn how to read. He has a really really hard time memorizing things so we are still working on the letters haha. He is a sweet heart though and is auto-sufficient in coming to church on his own without us baby-sitting so that's nice. Really nice genuine guy. Charles has some not exactly good for you items that he likes to take like wine and cigarettes. We are trying to help him to quit those. He is tired all the time which these don't exactly help with. He has quit before and he knows that he should stop so I have pretty good confidence in him.

Anziano Davis took his bike, Jenny, off some sweet jumps. He had me film for him. And after an hour we had filmed a short film of jblades bike-a-thon. In the deleted scenes not seen. Anziano Davis has hit a pole thing and nailed himself really good where it counts. That was funny. I bike a bit and look back and he's trying to recover and I realize he somehow hit himself while he was on his bike. And then recently he crashed himself and an old man on his bike fell trying to dodge the wreckage. I got there wondering why Anziano Davis had hurt this old man. (Having not seen what had happened).

We went to Asiago with bishop call. Asiago is a city north of Schio. They are known for their cheeses. Also the mountains there were spectacular. Bishop call is super cool. He's probably the one guy I know that's Dad's age and can bench more than dad can.

We ate at the Rayneys again. They made.. Wait for it. Stroganoff. :) it was super good. She has nothing on mom. But it was a nice different version. Mom was an interesting cook back in the day and was pretty reliable with the interesting being a good interesting. But the stroganoff was not a dish to be messed with. Btw I see the picture you took about a month ago and everyone looks pretty different. I dig the hair Jacob. Oliver and Sam look way bigger. Jonas looks like he still has a 6 pack. Mom looks like she has been running lots of marathons. Dad has a nice grass head and still looks young. Lucy looks like she has a mane of hair. Which is not bad. Isaac is looking mighty fine. Sam isn't looking at the camera haha. Guess things change a bit in a year and two years no matter how you flip the hamburger.
I'm doing a ok mother bear. A Gridley cub trying to be a man of God has nothing to fear and only has things to really be grateful for.

We had dinner with Ringo. Who is half Samoan, half Tongan. He works for the military as a civilian. He is a member and we ate with him and two of his friends. Ringo was one of the nicest men I've met in a long time. Extremely nice. He was egging us on in eating more. Islanders can eat a lot. Unfortunately, I can't eat as much as when I was in my prime. But I made the Gridleys worthy of becoming islanders. It was a super nice good night.

I was sickish on Sunday my throat hurt real bad. I tried to borrow some chapstick from the school nurse, but it still hurt pretty good for about three days. The first day I woke up in the middle of the night cause I had a painful headache cause my throat hurt. I kept sleeping for about 2 minutes and I'd wake up and do it again about 4 times. I would try to get contact information of people who were interested in the gospel in these two-minute dreams and wouldn't be able to get their information before I woke up. It was a frustrating nightmare. I then stayed up for about an hour reading and then fell back asleep. I probably sneezed about 111 times in three days. I'm feeling better now. We thank the almighty.

I knew the answers.

My boy you day flex,
Anziano Gridley

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