Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Lord of the Rats

Dear family and friends,

Some people say that missionaries are invincible. We are vincible.
We have feelings.

We played football thanksgiving morning with the Americans. It was really good. I can still catch a football. The best part was when I intercepted the football in our in our zone. And ran it back for a touchdown. It was two hand touch. The ground was very slippery so that was fun. I was kind of done after I made that touchdown. I was pretty tired.

We ate thanksgiving with the Rayneys. It was super nice. They had all the good foods. America is missed. Pasta = The Enemy. An Italian lady came to their house and we got to talk to her a little bit about the gospel. Later we got dropped off at the church. Anziano Davis forgot his iPad. So brother Rayney brought his iPad from his house back for him. The true test of brother Rayney was completed. He is awesome. We then went to the Rowleys. I got to eat some good food. I had an awesome talk with brother Rowley. A lot of these American guys I admire a Lot.

We are going to Padova today for p day. It's a pretty big city that isn't too far away.

Transfers are next week. It is happening two week early because of Christmas... I have a feeling I am leaving. But I don't want to say anything because I'll look like a fool if I stay. Anyways.. I've left my last two cities after two transfers so we'll see if the tradition continues. Vicenza is really great, though.

Anziano Davis bought an Orzo maker. Orzo is a drink made with barley.. (Barley is encouraged by the church).. It is pretty good. They really like it here in Italy. When we tell someone to lay off the coffee. Orzo is a great alternative. I got to try it last night. It's the best.

I melted our strainer... I started to steam vegetables in an effort to be healthy. It lasted a few steam sessions and then melted into oblivion. You can not steam veggies with a plastic strainer no matter how bad you want those delicious veggies. I have repented of this transgression and now use a metal one that is held up by a distorted hanger. If I recall from Glen. Steaming is the preferred way to cook veggies. At least health wise.

I am really trying to think of things to write about to make this email longer. Ok thought of something.. There was a dead rat on the side of the road that was run over by a car. It was there for several days and then last night it was cleaned up. I came up with a story of how it was not there anymore... Do you know the piper rat story where he plays his pipe and all the rats come? Anziano Pyper. Looks like this super-hero guy. And he is this guy who plays his pipe and he is the king of the rat. He saves the world with the rats that won the Great War. After the war, Anziano Pyper starts eating the rats. That's what he eats. It's fine no one cares until he eats a certain rat named Stuart little. The family of Stuart little tries to get Anziano Pyper thrown into prison for eating someone in their family. He tells them they should have adopted a cat like any other normal family. Anyways.. This is how the rat on the side of the road got cleaned up.. Anziano Pyper ate it.

Have you ever been told that you look like a Lama?

My boy, you may try.
Anziano Gridley

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