Wednesday, December 23, 2015

I'll Be Home In America For Christmas. See You Soon.

Dear family and friends,

What does it matter to you he's just a friend.
I don't have many friends.

Yesterday Anziano Davis slept in until 12.. He was sick. We did get to see Boyobo and Sylvester though afterward. They both should be baptized next Saturday next year. Very exciting for them. Hopefully, we will have fufu to celebrate. I just need to help them buy it and let them make it. Hopefully, I can learn as well.

We ate at the Mccavoys, they had a Christmas party. They brought a friend that works with brother Mccavoys. The food was super good. The lady made nacho nuoves that instead of a taco you used chips. And there was these toothpick chicken wrapped bacon. Bacon:). Man, it was good. We did a good job of becoming pretty good friends with brother ms friend. But we should have extended the invite at the end for him to learn more. Scrub mistake. It's good to show him the light. So he can go to it if he wants.

On Sunday, we had a choir in centro. The first thirty minutes of the two hours was terrible. We just waited for people which was a bit silly. But then we got singing and it was great. Just American members came so we sang in English. Which may have surprised the Italians. I took one for the team and handed out pass along cards. It was pretty fun. Neil made cookies and hot chocolate. Right after that, we went over to the Mohrs. We had a nice dinner with them and talked.

We went and saw a man we met on the street a couple weeks ago. His name is Paris. He makes glass things for the tourists in Venice. He is really smart.. He speaks about 6 languages. He works on a bit of land he owns because he has a lot of energy. He is looking for truths and good things. He is extremely nice. He gave the sister missionaries he had never met before two necklaces. We should be meeting him again tonight. He is fantastic. He has a parrot that talks. He lives alone without a tv and computer. He said that people are on a technology drug.

The sister missionaries started speaking only in Italian. I super like Italian.. So this was great for me to get a bit more practical practice... Some missionaries don't like to speak Italian with other missionaries which baffles my mind but yeah.

A lady started to talk to us as we were handing out Christmas pass along cards. Her name is Enjoy. She used to be a member of the church for a little bit of time. She has a daughter here in Italy and is a fireball. She sang Christmas carols with us last week. She is selling jewelry in the market in centro. She is pretty funny. She told the sisters that Anziano Davis and I are good looking guys and that they should totally get their game on. Not many people say that even if it's true haha.

Well, this is my first Christmas back in America. We will be with Americans all of Christmas. So might as well be in America. Missionaries become the members best friends at Christmas time.

I should skype y'all around maybe 5-8 my time so anywhere from 10ish to 1 for y'all. Be ready :p

That is a terrible thing for you to say to me.

I greet you,
Anziano Gridley>br/>

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