Wednesday, December 9, 2015

How much you want to bet I can break into our own apartment. Back in 82 those were the days.

 Dear family and friends,

Where are you Christmas? Where can I find you?
In Italy silly.

Tonight it was so funny. We stopped this lady named Giovanna. She was really nice. At first, she talked about how she had never really felt gods love and how there are so many bad things in the world. We talked to her about this etc.. Very nice conversation. The topic of family is brought up and she had a daughter in Ireland that is a sheep herder. She tells us that we are both very handsome. She then tells us that her daughter is tall and pretty. She then says she wants strawberry blonde blue eyed grandchildren. She then asks Anziano Davis to marry her daughter. After fifteen minutes he had won her blessing for her daughters hand. I was egging her on supporting her in this marriage. We then in a bit said a prayer. Halfway through the prayer, she tells Anziano Davis she wants to call her daughter and for him to talk to her. After the prayer he talks to her daughter. They had a nice conversation. Her daughter was a bit embarrassed. She has a boyfriend named Stefano. After the phone call, she tells us that her daughter is faithful. So hopefully when her daughter comes to Italy in January Anziano Davis and her will become well acquainted for after the mission. It was super duper funny. We got her number and she wants a Book of Mormon. Went really good.

I got really frustrated Tuesday. Sylvester was supposed to get baptized this Friday... But now he isn't. And so all my boys have fallen along the way and are not baptized yet if they ever will... It's hard to swallow when I put a lot of heart out there for those guys. Beh I'd do it again. Also, I broke my bike chain which was my fault. I wasn't clutch. But anyways.

Today we are going to have lunch with some of our African guys. We are going to make American stuff for them. I'm making Dad's pancakes and corn dogs. We also need to clean our apartment a lot because tomorrow the senior couple will come to check out the damage which will be resolved today we hope. Anziano brooks left on Sunday. He went to the office. He is in copia. So it will just be the same sisters and us here. I'm pretty happy about it cause I like Vicenza.

Milano this next transfer. Anziano Pyper is going to Trieste. One of the cities I want to serve in. He will be with Anziano Conway. They are closing that

Yesterday was a Catholic holiday. I believe it's the day they believe Jesus was conceived in the womb of Mary. Beh. We went and saw happy who lives in Malo. Roland had work off due to the holiday so we got to see him. He was really cool just like happy. We got some pictures.

We went by the base for the first time a bit ago.. We met with a single soldier name Dan. He is super cool. He bought us dinner. He then got us peanut butter and corn dogs. He also got me two shirts I have been looking for my whole mission. I would have preferred to not have him do all that. But he insisted. I'm not sure if the Americans missionaries have this happen all the time, but here it's special. Anyways whenever I wear those shirts I will remember Dan and I'll be reminded to follow his example of being extra kind to missionaries.

I had an adventure breaking into our apartment yesterday. We took a video of it. Basically, it's fairly easy to break into our apartment which isn't the best way to look at it. I like to see it as we can get into our apartment if we forget the keys and need to get in without too many problems.

I'm glad grandpa Gridley is cancer free. I waited a few days for an email to let me know what happened.. And was fairly excited to know he was still alive when y'all let me know how it went. It is a great Christmas time.

A reward? You never mentioned a reward.

My guy you day gentle.
Anziano Gridley

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