Wednesday, May 6, 2015

So You Think You Can Dance

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was really good we had lots of lessons with many people. I really like Trento.. it is a beautiful place and is really nice as a missionary. We went to lago riva garda today. It is this beautiful lake that is a little bit aways from Trento.

There is a store (euro spar (desktop)) twenty seconds from our house that is really nice.. they have a bakery and a butchery thing there.. Which is really nice.

We take buses a lot here in Trento.. we take a bus everywhere... Which is pretty different than Alessandria.. if you wanted to get anywhere in Alessandria you had to walk or take the bikes.. A little nicer here where let the busses do all the work.

Anziano Santiago is a really great guy.. if I were to try to describe him.. I would have you compare Jaden Abbot... who is a really cool great guy. He has a pretty good sense of humor.. he will often troll me with funny things that if I didnt have a sense of humor I could get kind of bugged at him for.. It is good to be kept on my toes haha.

We go to a city just a little bit away from here to visit three investigators often.. Kelly, Christopher, and Godstime. They should be getting baptized in the next while.. they are all Africans from Nigeria.. 
The English class here has a lot of people.. they have at least ten people come to two classes every week.. which compared to Alessandria of one class with four people once a week... is a huge improvement. 

(Spiritual thought) There is an investigator we met on a bench on a park.. we have met him twice.. his name is Steven.. he is this really intelligent deep thinker African Christian who has thought a lot about the gospel and what not.. every time we have met with him we end up talking about deep church concepts that are a bit complex and don't super super matter. Everytime we answer a topic correctly (because he does have a few interesting and a little skewed ideas) he wont really accept the new information that is truth as truth and will just move on to another complex useless topic and we begin the process again. What I kind of learned from this is... In the gospel and in life you need to stick to basics. Dont freak out and dig too deep into things. For instance.. If the Book of Mormon is true.. Joseph Smith is a prophet and the restored gospel of Jesus Christ is on the earth.. very simple and easy to get.. You need to have a base of a building before it can get very high.. It is not meet for you to run.. before you can walk. 

I would invite you to find a basic thing this week and to strengthen the base to your building.. Whether it is spiritually or as a person.. 

He is a football player... not Martha silly Stewart.

With Love,
Anziano Gridley

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