Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Man Down Red Hawk Twelve

Editor's note:  Gotta love Austin and his cryptic subject lines!  Makes one feel pretty dumb.

Dear Family and Friends,

Are we there yet...

Today we are going to Alessandria for some of my document stuff... which means we are on trains for more than ten hours... Which should be pretty fun.. (I finished the New Testament this morning)... but I have only a bit of time to email today..

The conference was amazing. Elder Bednar is the most spiritual man I have ever met.. (He also used Intelligence things to explain Spiritual things).. He was really funny and charming during the conference.. and made it a conversation with the missionaries... No we do not have Ipads yet... The Holy Ghost was very strong during the conference.. Elder Bednar said the main thing he wanted us to get out of the conference.. is that we dont need an Apostle to come give a conference to recieve strong revelation through The Holy Ghost. I got lots of things out of the conference and I am going to try to apply as I can in my life.

My toe is doing good.. it doesnt hurt.. but is infected. I am trying to do what the doctor said and take care of it.. but it is a little hard to do as a missionary and with the end of this crazy month.

We are teaching lots of people and doing really good in Trento.. 

I ate for the first time this week kebab.. it is kind of this sandwich thing with some kind of meat.. lettuce.. tomatoes.. ranch... it is pretty dang good.. (not incredibly healthy.. which along with I am a poor wayfaring man of grief who can't afford little delights such as this is why it has taken me so long to try it)... They have tons and tons of Kebab places here.. 

I am going to cut this more short so I can send pics... I am doing good.. keeping the head up.

Happiness.... a tear drop away.

With Love, 
Anziano Gridley

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