Thursday, April 23, 2015

Execute order 66

What am I fighting for.. there must be something more.. for all these words I type do you read anything.

I have arrived in the land of Misty Mountains. There are mountains completely surrounding (curses) Trento. It is reminds me a lot of Utah.. it is extremely beautiful.. I will send pics next week. We hiked a mountain today.. 7 killometers up 7 down.. it was pretty dang fun. I almost climbed up this super high tree to the top.. but then.. didnt. If I get home from my mission and I am 25 and single and what not.. I am totally going to do fun dangerous things darn it. Death is a natural part of life. The least we can do is have a sense of humor about it.

Anziano Santiago is pretty much the coolest guy ever. He played basketball and football before his mission.. he is the oldest of 8 children... he keeps his hair great.. he ran two businesses before his mission and worked.. and yeah.. he is super easy to get along with and we are having a great time. He is really good at talking to random strangers... it is really funny watching him try to start up a normal non awkward conversation... I want to try to get those talking skills to strangers. He is really into photography.. I don't feel I am super photogenic so I am a little less into it.. 

The work missionary wise here is booming hard hard core. Anziano Santiago kind of started the work up here from scratch (space transfers haha) and yeah.. He is in his 6th transfer... so about 3 more months than me. He speaks quite a bit better.. so that is good.. though I can get by generally. I thought Alessandria was starting to boom.. here it is on steroids.

Anziano Young, and Bingham live with us.. which is super fun except for the fact.. there is one bathroom. (You get the picture). Anziano Young is a skinny guy who liked league of legends before his mission... he also has swag though.. he basically is married to this one girl.. and has gained twenty pounds on his mission in muscle... He is in Anziano Santiagos group.. Anziano Bingham is super funny and great.. I started to talk to him a few days ago.. and he just started to tell me these funny girl stories.. he is really good at telling stories... It has been really great here.. one thing Anziano Delgado got me thinking about that I have applied and really like.. is asking the other missionaries more questions.. about anything... it has been really nice to make good friends here. 

On Monday, Elder Bednar will be in Milan for a conference with all the missionaries.. we will be getting Ipads.. and get to hear him... (Considering he may very well be a future prophet etc.. I am super excited).. But yeah we will have ipads here in Milan Italy so that is pretty fun...

Anziano Santiago pretty much is fluent in the way Africans speak english... how fa now.. you done chop... I great you brother... I'm fine I'm fine.. He is a bros.. Hopefully I can pick up on it.. because it makes you pretty much an automatic friend with a lot of Africans... Which is fun and good for missionary work. They and other people really know how to pray with soul.. which has been really nice to see... and hopefully I can have that rub off on me a bit.

 I am giving a talk on Sunday... I should probably pick a topic...

Spiritual thought... I have been reading the New Testament again recently... I really have liked this time.. all of pauls letters. Last time I read the New Testament.. I liked them less.. this time I have really liked them... He answers a lot of questions about the gospel of Jesus Christ and what not... For example... he makes the Godhead fairly easy to understand and makes it pretty clear what is up.. He is basically the Elder Holland of that time.. He singes your eye brows a bit with love. I would maybe invite y'all to read when you would like.. Ephesians... This book is especially powerful..

It is a good life.. Try to find happiness and to enjoy it now and be prepared to meet God.

I am at an internet point trying to email home.. all of my change I have spent on yall. If happy ever afters did exist.......

With Love
Anziano Gridley

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