Wednesday, April 15, 2015

You want to make da pizza

Dear Family and Friends,

Saying Swhat Swhat Sway.

Jonas... Happy Birthday a little bit ago=).. did you get any cool presents... You are pretty much officially a teenager... Congratulations. I hope you are doing good buddy.

I am getting transferred to a new city tomorrow. I am leaving Alessandria to go to Trento.. It is a little North West of Milan Italy. I hear that it is a city surrounded by mountains and is a bit cooler.. and is much more beautiful than Alessandria... I am pretty excited. My new collega is going to be Anziano Santiago.

I recently have gotten a battle wound of depth and volume of the book of Alma. I got an ingrown toe nail a few weeks ago.. It has been getting worse over time and hasn't gotten better yet. (Click here for the very graphic and disturbing photo.  Be warned it's fairly disturbing)  Walking a lot does not help.. but on the bright side.. I am not afraid to amputate.. (I probably won't)... and a doctor is checking it tomorrow... As Boromir though.. it would take three arrows to start to kill me... so it shouldn't be a problem.. but I might get surgery on it.. I don't know.

Anziano Delgado and I had a talk recently that really helped me out... it was really nice to see good changes after that night taking place over the next two days.. I have gotten along with Anziano Delgado really well.. He is a really great guy.. and I am grateful for the time I have had to work with him.

Thank you for the Birthday Package=). The calendar is golden.. and I appreciated the nuts.. beef jerky and other things. The forearm clencher tool thing I am going to be using a fair bit.. it is super cool thanks.
Thank yall=)..

Yesterday we went to Casale Monferrato... (A different city). In the recent past we had some pretty good
investigators there... Less so more recently... We were going to go so Andrea (pizza wizard) in a different city then go to Casale Menferato.. Anziano Delgado did not want to go to both cities.. especially when we did not have a huge lots recent success in Casale... which I understood.. but we hadn't gone in a while.. and I wanted to see if there was anything left in Casale for Anziano Delgado and his next collega.. (I was pretty stubborn with him)... Anyways.. we went.. and we eventually after a while were able to jump through some hoops and found an investigator who had lost his phone and we were not able to see for a while.. He is more prime than I knew.. is super cool.. and we set a bap date with him.. He is muslim.. but we made it clear what baptisim is.. and he is very willing to change.. He has read the book of Mormon a lot and has compared it to the Quoran.. and says he feels the Book of Mormon has more truth to it and really loves the Book of Mormon.. Alex (his name).. went to University for five years.. loves to learn.. he is reading some of the book of Mormon in English (which he speaks less well.. (he speaks 7 languages)).. while reading it also in Arabic.. he is super smart.. yet super humble.. I am excited for the work here when I leave.. Hopefully they have four baptisms next month.. or at least a few.

With that story I am just really grateful.. I believe I was guided by the spirit to go to Casale with my collega.. and refind him. It would have been very possible that he would have fallen through the cracks. I have felt the Holy Ghost.. and I know that it is a real thing. 

I am short on time.. Not my fault.. but what can you do...
I am thankful for what yall do for me.. and I hope you have a great April time=)

With Love, 
Anziano Gridley

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