Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Steps to control your frustrations

Dear Family and Friends,
"At least give me a soldiers death."
We got two more bap dates this week. Which is kind of unheard of to us. (I have set two bap dates.. before this week.. my whole mission). The missionary work seems to really be booming right now.. which is great. Anziano Delgado is a really great guy and we get along really good. We have developed a missionary style which is working pretty good. We have things to improve.. but we are doing pretty good.

We have been meeting this really cool guy named William.. who is a little robust.. cares about what people think about him.. and really wants to prosper financially in the world. He really likes cars and what not. He really likes doing lessons with us though.. so we have met him four times in a week and a half.. and are meeting with him
pretty often.  He came to church last Sunday.. but hasn't been reading the BOM yet. We have big hopes for him.

We also set a bap date with this man who is over 80 (Tino) . (Which is really rare type of a deal.. People may think they will repent or whatever when they are older.. but basically every old person here is like ehhh I am dying soon.. I can't change... obviously there are exceptions case and point here). He is really open and at first we thought it might not go to well.. because he started by asking us about our stance on people who are gay.. and other controversial topics... but we answered all his questions and taught him the plan of salvation and he basically agreed with everything we said. We then showed him John 3: 5. (Which is a really good scripture to use.. it is
really funny when they like a verse so much they read the next verse or two for fun haha). Yeah we are excited. We have not met with him a lot because he is busy with whatever.. so I hope we can overcome that

Yesterday we had dinner with Stephano and his non member family. It was really good. They were really nice. We ate a lot of really good food. I got to try legit french cheese. Which took me about ten minutes to eat a decently small slice. It was good.. but I think if I ate more of it.. I would appreciate it more.

What do you do medically if you have a cough / are starting to get an ingrown toe nail. How do you treat these ailments?  (Editor's note: Here's some good tips)

We are going to play soccer with some young men youth here today. It should be a battle to be remembered. It is
really funny when an Italian loses at Foosball.

I started to get lost a bit in the abyss of my mind.. but I faced myself and got out again. If you are feeling frustrated or angry etc.. I suggest you try these few things to healthily handle the situation or just feel better.

The Seven challenge:
  1. Pray to God... He always eventually answers.. Be honest and real with him.
  2. Let your soul be still. Go listen to that song.. and let your self calm down.. don't try to be a negative emotion... if you need to forgive someone.. let yourself forgive them.
  3. Read the Book of Mormon.
  4. Go exercise...
  5. Be Grateful
  6. Go sleep (I usually always feel better after I sleep).
  7. Change your situation a little bit everyday.. try to make the next days situation and your self a little better each day.

In the end one person does not have a lot of control on the world (generally). You have no control over a lot of things (especially things other people do). I consider it wisdom to control yourself and not get angry about what others are doing. If Sam wont mow the lawn.. it is more of a him thing and not a you thing.. and you have a few options of how you want to handle it... Generally getting angry or yelling or something like that is not very good. (If Jesus is our perfect example he did rebuke and get angry at times.. but more often he was merciful.. calm.. etc). Try to find some happiness.

If you are having a problem with Tithing.. and that is your only problem with this church... I will just say this... It is a pretty stupid reason not to be in God's church and secure your salvation type of a deal.

This last Saturday we had a talent show. The other Anziani sang a song together... (They sounded good when they sang together). Nick sang can you feel the love tonight and got everyone into it.. it was pretty funny. Davedee danced really really well. Olga and Nina sang a Ukrainian piece that was really gorgeous. Anziano Delgado played the piano while I improv danced.

Take the seven challenge. Be happy.. eat healthy. Have a good week. I hope y'all have a good life.

With Love,

Anziano Gridley

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