Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Star crossed lovers in Verona

Dear Family and Friends,

I am sped.. is he gone and have nothing.. aye aye a scratch.. marry tis enough.

This week went really well. We had a zone training in Verona
where we got our iPads. For those of you who don't understand the
significance of Verona.. it is the city where Romeo and Juliet takes
place. It is a pretty big city.. it has lots of shops. I will try to
send a few pics when I can.

We had a lot of investigators at the beginning of this transfer.. we
have quite a few still but some are different. A lot of our
investigators lose interest for whatever reason.. completely
disappear.. etc. As President Monson says... Beginners are many..
Finishers are few. It is good to be willing to stick out something
even if it is a little bit hard or different.

The castle was really cool.. there was a lot of art things inside..
making it not just a sweet castle.. but an arty sweet castle..
priceless. Good King Wenceslas may have gone to the castle I went to
here in Trento.. so that is kind of cool. They really like the Madonna
here in Italy there were lots of art of her and Jesus... In Luke 11:27-28 
there is a scripture that Jesus says that shoots down the worship
of his mother... Anyways.

I am super excited to be able to use the Ipads.. The main reason I am
excited is because I can now read as many General Conference talks as
I want.. They have a special spirit about them that is hard to find in
the scriptures at times... I have a testimony of the scriptures.. but
I also have a testimony of the General Authorities because of these

Anziano Santiago has skills.. you know like.. moter cycle skills...
preaching the gospel... computer hacking skills... Girls only want boy
friends who have great skills. He is a really great guy. He also likes
things to be clean and not to smell.. which is understandable. He just
really likes it.

I read Alma 13.20 today.. and I really liked it.. Basically it says
that some people have read the scriptures and have gone far astray.
I believe it is not really the scriptures fault.. But if we read the
scriptures and maybe there is something we dont understand.. or maybe
there is a slight fault about a fact of something that is written..
someone may freak out.. This also may be the case about the gospel. I
dare to say.. you can not tear everything else down because of a tiny
mistake by men etc. You got to look at the big picture.. and not wrest
the scriptures or the gospel to your destruction... Do not excuse your
self in the least bit.. Also a of the time.. We as missionaries etc
have the answer to the questions people ask.. some of the time.. it is
something that we do not know etc.. but if we have a foundation of
simple truths etc.. We can build a strong testimony of the truth.
I know this gospel is true.. that Jesus Christ is the Savior and that
he lives. I know the Book of Mormon is true.. I know that there is God
and that he loves us.. and just because maybe the modern day indians
dont have Jewish DNA.. (Which Elder Bednar explained to us makes sense
if you know anything about DNA) does not change the other things that
I know are true.

The scriptures.. the gospel etc.. teach us not to be selfish.
Missionary work should not be selfish.. The world is not all about you
and when you reach out and help others as Jesus did.. we become a
little bit better. The idea of not being selfish is very intriguing to
me.. coming from someone that has been very selfish in the past.. and
still isnt perfect.. It is such an odd challenge.. and I still don't
understand it completely.. but I believe sometimes if we have faith
and we follow the rabbit hole down.. We will eventually find
Wonderland.. I have been satisfied with what I have found since I
starting going down this path.. I have a testimony of what has
happened since I started on this path and now.. and I have faith and
hope for the future. I invite you to change your path to what will
bring you more happiness long term. Things will change if you change

Then I defy you stars.

With Love,
Anziano Gridley

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