Friday, May 29, 2015

Oh... you think youre funny

Dear Family and Friends,

Look what you did you little jerk. (I can still see Sam laughing his
head off at this movie).

This week is transfer week dun dun dun. No joke though.. it was pretty
intense friday evening and saturday morning.. as all of the Anziani
were waiting for the call of what would be happening to us.... and..
All of us were staying, but now Anziano Young is going back to
Berghimo. I am glad I am staying in Trento.. I like it here and this
next transfer should be good in the fact we will be able to see some
of the fruit of our labors. Anziano Santiago and I are getting along
quite a bit better now. As I have said he is quite the joker..
yesterday a new speaker came in to the Chinese store.. which I would
get because I had gotten a speaker that was slightly broken about 6
weeks ago and was getting a new one.. He told me we would wait till
Saturday till we would get this speaker. I would have been ok with
this.. but he kept bringing it up.. so I kind of wanted to go get it..
but we didn't.. we went home.. and the other Anziani had went and
gotten it and had put it on my bed.. He thinks he is extremely funny.
Good thing I got a sense of humor.

A few weeks ago an American couple that are older and are scientists
came to Trento for a lecture they were giving. They are members and
took us out to dinner... we then went to a Pakistan store to get some
food for the week... and then got gelato.. they were really really
nice.. I don't know if that type of a thing happens in other missions a
lot.. but it was a really nice special thing here.

Monday was a holiday in Bolzano... only in Bolzano.. so the ward in
Bolzano had a festa in the mountains by a lake that the Trento Anziani
were invited to. We played some soccer.. a bit of volleyball (we had
church clothes on.. so that was funny... it is extremely hard to jump
without proper clothing).. and ate a bit and got to spend time with
the Bolzano members. Playing soccer with Italians is kind of intense..
I love it. Anziano Evans and I stayed a bit longer so we could keep
playing soccer.. while Anziano Gailee went with Anziano Santiago to
teach Steven.. We met up with the other Anziani later.. we had
district meeting at a semi American restaurant called Roadhouse.. and
talked had district meeting.. It was a pretty good day. This has been
a very good transfer.

Africans really hate rain.. it is probably in general their number one
fear.. it has been raining a fair bit here in Trento this last week..
so we have not had as many lessons as we could have.. The work here is
really good though.. it may feel a bit slow at times.. not super
slow.. just a bit.. but everything is going good this next transfer
should be incredible.

A topic that I really like that is a bit interesting to me is the
quality of being grateful.. Being grateful all the time that is.. If
we are grateful all the time.. that means that generally no matter the
outside circumstances.. we should be grateful.. That outside
influences should not super influence how we in general act or treat
others.. That allowing someone else to get me worked up enough to do
something I normally would not do is a flawed not good thing and
should not be done if it can be helped.. For me at times I struggle
with getting worked up in the moment and doing this thing.. Hence,
sometimes I try to leave the situation and so I can tackle whatever
the problem is with a level head. God has asked us to be grateful.. I
don't believe it is for his benefit.. I believe it is for ours.. I have
a testimony that when we are grateful even when things are difficult
and we don't complain.. things will work out. I challenge you to be
grateful.. and as Mrs. Sowby would say.. suck it up Buttercup.

Keep the change you filthy animal.

With Love,
Anziano Gridley

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