Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Help me leave behind some reason to be missed.. Leave out all the rest.

Dear family and friends,

Are you here to kill me?
 If I were trying to kill you.. You would already be dead. 
If I were trying to kill you, you would be dead. 
Well obviously neither of us are dead, so neither of us is trying to kill each other.
Yes that does make sense.

Today we went to Gardaland. The biggest amusement park in Italy... It was a lot of fun.. The park has a kind of weird theme etc.. But as missionaries it was a blast for us. 

We have an investigator named Kelly one of the ones who lived in rovereto. He has still been progressing and should be getting baptized next Saturday. Kind of exciting for the Anziani here in Trento. Also the other Anziani are helping a man named Emanuel be ready on the thirteenth as well... Hopefully a really happy good day. 

We ate fufu at Stanley's house the other day... Fufu is African food which is a bread type thing.. That you dip in African soup.. That has meats and veggies etc.. When you eat the bread though.. You swallow.. You don't chew. Which is different and kind of strange.. But fufu is a really nice good food.

We are still teaching Steven.. But we might have to stop... We have had great lessons... But we could prove spiritually and logically something and no matter what it is... Or how clear we present it.. He won't let himself change to accept it.. And if you won't do that as an investigator.. Nothing God or us missionaries can do, in this moment can really do to force you to change... Speriamo bene

Anziano Thomas has arrived... He is from Layton Utah and went to Layton high... He is a nice chill Utah guy. 

I feel that quite often a lot of problems come to people because they do not understand who they are, why they are on the earth etc.. Which comes to the plan of salvation... That we are children of God. He loves us.. We are here on earth to gain a body, gain experience / learn and grow, and to be tested. After we die things also don't just end in oblivion... If we truly understand this plan, and try to act like we do, we are much more able to reach our potential.

For it is better that ye should deny yourselves of these things, wherein ye will take up your cross, than that ye should be cast into hell.
Now Jesus does not say.. You have to carry your cross this well or be this good at carrying your cross... He just says to take up your cross... And if we take up our crosses with perspective and with us playing our table tennis A-Game.. We will become better people and find the true happiness in life.

Persevere in the way of well-doing and you may hope for success. If I was discouraged and did not believe I could do a thing, I never could. Therefore when you think anything is too hard for you, do not undertake it. - asael smith

You have already undertaken life.. Which hopefully means you and God thought you could handle it... In reality it does mean that and if it didn't you should probably try to change it to the affirmative.. You have your agency to choose.. So go crazy cowboy. This agency gives you a lot of power to do good or bad for yourself or others.. As Emperor Palpatine says.. OMNIPOTENT POWER!

Because it had a familiar sound, he accepted it with his family as gospel truth. After becoming members of the Church, he and his family left to join the rest of the Church at Nauvoo. Before he arrived there, however, Joseph and Hyrum were martyred, so the family then turned west to join the Church on the prairies at Winter Quarters. His beloved wife, Hannah Shipley Burton, suffered from the hardships of the journey and died on the plains on the banks of the Missouri River. This grief-stricken man undoubtedly complained loudly as has many another man who has suffered hardships and trials while being proved by the Lord. If we understood completely the designs of the Lord, we would be more patient in our suffering and would not complain as much as we so often do when hardships come and we are asked to sacrifice.

I know the the things I am out here teaching others about are true... I have studied it out spiritually and intelligently and from what I know, understand, have experienced, it is true. I praise God for all the blessings he gives us. 

The missionary work is good here.. We are loving it even more than McDonald's.

Yes considering I was not always in the best of shape.

With love,
Anziano Gridley

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