Thursday, March 31, 2016

Hey Summer.. Want To Play Me?

Dear family and friends,

Why you so sweaty? I've been practicing. Practicing what. Some dance moves.

Easter was bitter but sweet. I suppose it was an Easter where I really got to appreciate Jesus Christ for his sacrifice. It was more applicable. So Easter was pretty good.

Nothing really happens here. It's extremely slow. There is a reason why there are only thirteen members here. But yeah we found the Albanian guy I talked about. The two things we mostly have been doing is passing out the Easter pass along cards. And talking to people at the station. So that's what we've been up to.

Fabio. Who is a younger guy who I saw miss his train. After a bit of time I went and talked to him. He was extremely nice. He works in Bologna and was going to be late to work because he missed his train. I talked to him about religion and it was something he cared about. I told him he was awesome for that because most younger people don't care. And he agreed with me on both accounts. We gave him a Book of Mormon. And we got his number. Really cool guy. He had these tattoos which goes to show don't judge the book by the cover.

We found a referral to Bologna. This guy from Bangladesh. He has been here in Italy for six years and is a metal mechanic. He is Hindu. Which is unusual. Most people from Bangladesh are Muslim. We talked about the Book of Mormon etc. And we gave him a copy and got his number for Bologna. He was pretty nice.

Last guy was a younger guy studying in Urbino. He is studying fashion advertising more or less. I didn't know when I first started talking to him. I'm not too experienced with this. But he's gay. We also gave him a Book of Mormon and got his number. And we'll maybe go see him. Everyone needs Jesus, the gospel, whether they know it or not. But yeah that's all the tiny success' we had this week. Nothing to write home about. (That was a joke. But yeah not much happens here. And I wasn't allowed to be outside longer to do more so here we are).

We ate with the Peruvian family. Thanias family and Woret. They had four different courses. The first was this Peruvian cold water vegetable dish that was spicy. Which was different for me. The next was a potato sandwich with celery and tuna in the middle. Then there was lasagna which was really good. And then rice and chicken. Peruvians know how to cook. We ate with them for Easter and it was Woret's birthday last week.

I gave a talk about the fall of Adam brings spiritual and physical death. Kind of a hopeless talk. But if we understand how bad that is. We'll understand and have more appreciation for Jesus. Basically I explained how we can't ignore God because... Because of Adam we can choose right from wrong. And when we choose the wrong that's sin. None of us are perfect and sometimes we sin. Even if I'm a really good person and I change and don't do bad things anymore. I still have sins in the past. And sometimes I still mess up a little bit. Not winning more makes if we have a white shirt not more dirty. But it's still dirty from the past. We need a completely white shirt to return to God. Because he's perfect and is completely clean. We need a way to clean the shirt. Which is Jesus. He's the washing machine that we have to use to clean our shirt. In this example. So we can't run away from God or these things we all need it. My talk went pretty good.

I'm doing alright. Trust God. Thanks for the love and support.

Hey what were you doing again last summer. I went up to Alaska hunting wolverines.

I salute you,
Anziano Gridley

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