Wednesday, April 6, 2016

It never stopped you from looking.

Dear family and friends,

Saves me from making you an air hole.

And then on this scambio we had success on the train. Going over I met Kurush. Who is basically Italian. But he has a weird name thanks to his mom. He is studying electronic engineering in Ancona. He lives in Fano. And then I wanted to go to Ancona again making me travel more than everyone else. (Which is fine). Just making me
spend more money that will be reimbursed. I decided to do it so I could do more train finding. We met Roney. From Santo Domingo.  He is a DJ that has the DJ look. The tats. Dreads. Two earrings.
Super cool guy. Then on the way back we met Mercy. A girl from Nigeria who was very nice. She can't read. And she really wanted me to take her to America. Africans love God though. We found at the station a girl named Joy from Nigeria. She lives in Rimini. She became a Jehova witness a year ago. Which means two thing. 1. This woman was willing to change and met with them a lot. 2. She's a Jehova witness. So the first part is good. We got her number and
sent it to Rimini. Everyone else we got their number for us to meet
with or the other missionaries in Italy to meet with and gave them a
Book of Mormon. Thank Goodness for trains.

We had another cool thing happen. We were handing out the Easter pass
along card to people in the middle of Pesaro and I guy says to me. No thanks, I already got one. I ask him how he got one. He tells me he got it three years ago. These cards are a few months old. (He is mistaken). But we start talking to him. He is an old investigator of the church who said he stopped because he got too busy with work. But now has more freedom. We got his number and still haven't seen him. But
that was a really cool thing.

A woman named Martha called me during the scambio. She is from a South American country and has two children here in Italy. They are members and want to come to church. They say a missionary somewhere and they got a pass along card from him and they called him. And got out number. They live in a different city but they are going to take a train to Pesaro Sunday morning and we will meet them at the station and show them where the church is. They were really excited to come. That's never happened to me before so that's really cool. This family could be a big boost to the smaller branch here.. It's pretty exciting.

I called Marcus and Godstime on Sunday. Two of my main guys at Vercelli my city I was in eight months ago. Marcus has come to church less often recently and I invited him to go this next Sunday. And then Godstime has still been doing really good. I invited him to help Marcus. They both were really excited to talk to me. Especially Godstime. They both remembered me specifically. So that was nice for me as there are a lot of missionaries and it's easy to forget us.

We are going to play bowling with Selheni and the Capi today for pday. Then we are going to go to Rimini to do a scambio. One of the Capi is Anziano Santiago. So hopefully I get to do the exchange with him (one of my old companions).

I liked General conference a lot. I need to go over everything again. The main thing I liked right now was president Monson's talks. They both were really short. He talked about choices. At the end of
the day, the only thing we have is choices. It's something very important. I figure if the prophet can only speak a little bit. What is said is that much more important. So I preferred his talks for

Zone conference was interesting. We missed the first train because there wasn't a train for a long time in the morning and Anziano Reyes was mistaken on the time. When the train arrived I didn't realize
Anziano Reyes didn't get on the train. I got to Rimini and asked a guy if I could use his phone to call Anziano Reyes. I then talked to the guy (who is from the south and was really nice (he is in the Italian navy)). Until Anziano Reyes arrived. We then took the bus. And then we got lost. He forgot where the church was and I had never been. So we were over 2 and a half hours late. We were those
missionaries. Adventures are good.

I got my birthday package:). Thank you so much haha. Lots of great things for the birthday. Thanks especially to Mom and Dad and the Grandparents. I appreciate. When I got the package another missionary said that someone loves me. And ya know he's right my family does love me. Thanks for the support and love over the miles.

That's about it for this week. Have a good one.

Sometimes you have to get your hands dirty.

I greet you,
Anziano Gridley

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