Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Yo Ablo Espanal

Dear family and friends,

I can be your hero baby. I will stand by you forever.

Transfers are this week. Anziano R is going to Milano and I am staying here and my new companion is going to be Anziano D.

On Monday, we were teaching English to Carmine before going to a pizza place for dinner with all the members as Monday was a holiday here in Italy just like today and Saturday. (Just kidding but they do party more than we do, only Monday was a holiday (I think)). David came so
we could go with him the place and so we could help him move things from his phone to his computer. I was talking to him. And I was asking him what if scenarios with what-if Nigeria fought a war against someone else in many different scenarios. Now I'm an expert. Fun fact. If someone attacks Nigeria the AU. Will help Nigeria (all of Africa will unite together) and also Nigeria was a British colony so they do have that support. I asked him what if Nigeria attacked other small African countries etc. And basically, it will be supported if defended and not attacked. But this makes sense because all of the African countries don't attack each other (that much). The funniest parts were when I asked what if Nigeria attacked Germany and Russia. He said that that would be suicidal. Could you imagine you just wake up one morning and you see on the news Nigeria attacks Russia? Haha. And then he said Italy would have to retract their attack if they attacked Nigeria. Anyways. It was pretty funny because he was very intelligent about these questions and he took it seriously.

At the pizza place, I got a calzone. In mobsters and Mormons. He says it with such an American accent. Haha. These members here are really nice. They gave Anziano R a nice farewell.

There was a guy I talked to on the train where we had a really good conversation. Where we just had an open conversation for over an hour and a half. Right now he didn't accept a Book of Mormon etc. But it was a good experience. There was a bro hug at the end.

I talked to a girl on the train from Nigeria. Her family has been here for a long time. She is studying at the university here in Pesaro. She was really nice. She had a Nappi Piri (spelt that wrong) backpack, which is the backpack that every young person has here. One of her friends has three of these backpacks in different colors. She was a good example of the hopeful future and investment of people from Africa here in Italy.

Not too much else happened this week. Sorry haha.

You can take my breath away .

My boy you day flex,
Anziano Gridley

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