Thursday, May 5, 2016

Broken Keys

Dear family and friends,

Come andiamo? (How are we?)

My comp has arrived. He is pretty wild. I like him cause he's willing to go outside with me. I can deal with a little wild. I can't force someone to do the good if they don't want to..But I have a feeling we'll get along pretty well. Hopefully I'll be able to help him get a little more tamed.. He is wanting to lose weight and hence wants to go out running with me etc.. We are on bikes quite a bit etc and I'm telling him what he needs to change is the diet. Quote from Anziano D "I work out so I can eat whatever I want.". Anyways it lowers my motivation to go run as I am not trying to lose any weight. We'll figure it out.

We got invited to an African concert this week and we went. I was hoping for something better. Something where we could talk to people etc. But it was a bit disappointing. Not effective as missionaries so we left after thirty minutes. The music was sooo loud. So loud I was uncomfortable. It was quite an experience and we met a referral who invited us. So I guess I wouldn't change it.

Yesterday was less productive in finding because of a few things. We lost the keys two days ago. Anziano D is in charge of them and we searched the train. The Ancona Anziani checked the church in Ancona. They are gone (for now) so we had brother Leon help us break our bike lock. And president di Nuzzo is letting us borrow his church key. I had an extra set of keys and now I hold on to our keys. We left our bikes in our small warehouse because we broke our bike lock. The next morning we were going to go out but a bike lock and go work. We got our bikes and then the warehouse door would not lock. I tried for ten minutes and a passing Italian could not open it. I called the land lord. And I didn't completely understand over the phone but he told me to take the look and he key to a key shop and for them to check it. After we went to get a lock I almost had enough money to buy the locks Anziano D had no money at all so we had to hurry home and I grabbed money. We got the locks. then someone called us and needed help so we went and then we checked the lock store. He said that it was broken. I called the land lord he told me we the mission should pay for it as missionaries have used this apartment  for more than twelve years. We payed for it. But he forgot to give me back the handle to the door as I left the old lock and handle with him so he could find a replacement and we left for a few hours. Also a pizzeria that is going to give me a free super cool shirt was closed randomly. Italy. They really do always have a holiday. I can't complain I'm getting a free shirt haha. But yesterday was less productive in a missionary work way as I hoped for.

Maurizio has made amazing progress for himself. Anziano D as I met with him for the first time after about twoish weeks of not seeing him (he wouldn't do what we told him to do and was not progressing) we were going to have to be in the church anyway for some reason so I figured Maurizio could come. Anziano D wants him to get baptized and asked him why not. Anziano D then broke one of his cigarettes. And then Maurizio said he wanted to quit and we broke all of the cigarettes. He hasn't smoked for three days. I'm kind of shocked. Maurizio is a bit messed up due to old drugs he took. But if he were to quit cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes. Coffee. He
technically could with time be baptized. I keep telling Maurizio he needs to pray and read the scriptures. Only with God will he really quit.. I still don't want to see Maurizio super often as we should use the time to give others the opportunity to meet with us. But we'll see how he does.

We have been doing quite a bit. The bigger success stories. One I talked to a really cool guy on a bench by the sea. He was super cool and is about to be a father with his girl friend. But he wouldn't take a Book of Mormon. It was a worthy conversation. During that time Anziano D found a woman generally interested in our church that is from Vicenza. He got his number and we sent it to the sisters.

I met two Africans on Sunday. It was raining and so I wanted to just stay at the station out of the rain. (That's not just me being weak. But also wise). One guy was waiting at the station for the rain to let up. I talked to him. And we saw him again yesterday and we started a lesson with him. But he had to go because his bus came. He said he's going to come to church though. So there was that guy. And then there was another guy who lives in montechio about 30-45 minutes from pesaro. He goes to church in Ancona. Which is another hour from pesaro. This African was legit. He travels far for church. It was impressive. I talked to him about our church and gave him a Book of Mormon. while he waits in pesaro for his bus we are going to teach him. He told me he'd go through the book. He was an impressive African. And then we had to go help in church.

We ate kebab in Ancona because we missed our train coming back. We did district meeting in Ancona and this is when we lost our keys. I started talking to the kebab worker. (Usually they are Arab or from the Middle East) this guy was from santo Domingo. South America. (Or at least they speak Spanish). He was working and so we didn't get to super go into things with him. But we got his number and gave it to Ancona and gave him an English class card as he spoke English pretty good. He is really busy but who knows.

Then on the train back. There were a few places where I was considering sitting to talk to someone. I said a quick prayer and I talked to someone who was the correct choice. He is a young guy studying religions in Ancona. He lives in fano. He is Catholic and really calm and pretty open. I gave him a Book of Mormon and got his number. He is pretty busy as he studies in college and also volunteers for the Catholic Church in loreto (a little bit away). Another simple lesson was to try to make sure to give someone a shot. I offered him the Book of Mormon and at first he said no. He didn't want to steal my book or maybe he thought I wanted money for it. But after the third time I asked him if he wanted it he said yes.. In some things we deserve more than one simple thoughtless chance for something important. Hopefully in the future this guy won't be too busy.

That's it for this week. Also carmine gave me a super sick backpack. Carmine's awesome. The ward here is great. Hopefully next week I'll take more about Teresa.

Tu diventerai un avocato. abiterai a Milano. In piazza duomo. (You will become a lawyer . dwell in Milan . In Piazza Duomo .)

I salute you,

Anziano Gridley

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