Wednesday, May 18, 2016

We found the gold captain

Dear family and friends,

We've got the fire who's got the matches take a look around at the sea of masks. Welcome to the masquerade.

I spent Monday morning trying to make the English class fliers the way they were done by Anziano Reyes but fix the time. I spent the whole morning figuring out that it wasn't reasonably possible to make with the quality wanted on the Pesaro computer hence they did it in Ancona. Also, Anziano Reyes didn't save the one he did before. He should have saved it haha. But I was getting decently frustrated. (Frustrated for me).

A. Time was wasted in an a worthy effort which wasn't exactly my fault. And I didn't even get the flier done.
B. Anziano D was doing things.. I realized after a bit of being frustrated. That I was stuck in that crumby situation and me being frustrated and acting less strong about it. Didn't change the situation and was silly like a child. So I tried to per-ken up. Sometimes there are weaknesses in the armor of patience that need to be fixed. Chinks in the armor. I told Anziano D the reason why I'm single is I have no computer hacking skills or bow staff skills. Etc. it was proven on Monday.

We went to the lady from Paraguay with her two children. They are some of the nicest people. They have had lots of problems and unfortunately it has furthered them from God. Hopefully, we are going to help them come closer to God. When we were having dinner we were about to eat a salad Martha was grabbing some utensils to dish out the  salad and Anziano D with a hand stretched out as if he was going to choke a big grizzly bear grabbed the salad from the bowl with his hand. Wow, that was funny. I guess he forgot we weren't just at our house. They were really nice to him about it.

There was a girl I talked to that sat by me on the bench at the beach. She was taking pictures on a nice camera so I asked her if she was from Pesaro. She was but she was taking pictures anyways. She was from the south but works in Pesaro. We had a nice conversation. She has had some hard trials in her life and I could see it while we were talking about God. She liked what was said about prayers that sometimes we pray and the problems remain exactly the same. But we are stronger to overcome them. I gave her a Book of Mormon and she was excited about it. One of those. Where before I say it's free or I offered her the book she asked me how much I wanted for it haha. Those kind of experiences are the priceless ones. The ones which make missions fun. This experience of talking with this girl in a whole.

I talked to three younger guys that went well. One was doing university in Urbino. He is distanced from God. Anyways we got his number and we'll hopefully see him another time. Another one was a younger kid that I met after I talked to a kid from Peru. This guy is Italian and goes to church almost every morning not to ask for help but to thank god. If you think this is not the norm in America.
Times that by a number higher than 6 and you understand about here in Italy. Not very normal. We're hopefully going to see this guy on Thursday. And then there is a guy who is the coach for the woman's volleyball team here in Pesaro. He is from Napoli and was super awesome. He is pretty busy but we got his number and we'll hopefully see him another time. People from the south are awesome.

Today for pday we are going to Urbino to see Urbino again. And then we are going to make pasta by hand with carmine from English class and will teach him afterwards. It should be pretty rad.

I went to Ancona to interview a man preparing to be baptized. Due to complications, he isn't ready right now. Which was pretty sad for me. Cause I didn't want to have him not be ready right now. He'll get baptized if he keeps up his progress but that was too bad. While in Ancona we just barely missed our train so we had time to find as the next train was in two hours. This last week at times I felt like I
came out of retirement from when I retired after being with Anziano Keller. So that was good. We found a few people while we waited and then we got home pretty late.

Michele is a guy who walked into the church while we were teaching Jesus. (Not the actual Jesus silly. Jesus would teach us). He said he is looking for the true church and that he really likes this stuff. Basically, he is someone prime and ready. We are outside trying to find this guy all day and he found us. He said he would come to church on Sunday and then he came. And then we saw him on Monday.
This is a guy who could get baptized. He is super awesome.

We stopped a guy and asked him about English class. He is from Sri Lanka the island under India. He speaks English and has been in Italy for eight years. He is Catholic. He had to go somewhere so we got his number and we saw him on Sunday with Albert after the missionary conference in Rimini. Go figure.

We went to an evangelical party. It was interesting. I personally don't like churches where they want me to stand the whole time. And they just sing. But that's ok. We stayed for thirty minutes. We gave the Book of Mormon to the guy we wanted to see outside the church. So it was completely bad. But if I'd known we were going to a church for that thing I wouldn't have gone. Interesting experiences.

I think about what you say. I think about what you do.

I hail you,
Anziano Gridley

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