Thursday, March 17, 2016

Tell Me Before You Do Something Stupid. That's the Rule.

Dear family and friends,

By the sea Mr told that's the life I covet you. You and me in a house that we almost own down by the sea. Anything you say. Wouldn't that. Be smashing.

Pesaro is a nice place on the sea side. It's a bit smaller of a city. Like Vercelli status. There are quite a lot of Jehovah witnesses here in Pesaro. We have really crummy bikes. Which is fun. But we have super sick helmets. The best helmets ever. So I guess you got to pick your battles. There are generally about twelve members in church each Sunday. Which is by far the smallest I've ever been to. Or I guess in Trento there were twenty-something. But still. A good portion of the members here are from Peru. I've been trying to bring up my Spanish. Peruvian food is really good.

Anziano Reyes is my companion. He is really awesome. His mom is from Porto Rico. And his dad is from Mexico. So he speaks Spanish and is from Orem, Utah. He knows Lindsey. He likes to joke a lot. But is really nice when he wants to be.

Selheni is a new convert here in Pesaro. She is from Peru. We have met with her twice since I've been here. She and Anziano Reyes joke around with each other quite a bit.

Maurizio is an investigator that I think Anziano Delgado told me about. Over a year ago. He has had a very hard time with addictions. They have taken over his life in the past and have not rewarded him well. A couple years ago he was very depressed so he cut his hands off and tried to die. But he is still alive and his hands are sewn back on with minimal use. It's pretty sad. He is an example of what happens if we give into addictions long enough. It just steals everything. He is trying to quit now and we are trying to help him. But it's a hard thing. We have been spending a fair bit of time with him but hopefully something will give here soon with him.

We are teaching a younger guy now Jesus. He is from Peru. He is about fourteen years old. He has come to church about eight times. He met the missionaries by the English class. He is preparing to be baptized. He is really humble and thoughtful. Basically one of those prime people you meet. He really likes clash of clans. He is level 54. I'm not sure if that's better than Jacob. But anyways. He should be getting baptized here pretty soon.

President di Nuzzo is the branch president here in Pesaro. He is very nice. He is a lawyer for the Italy IRS. He is single. He comes to the English class. And he has us over every Tuesday. Saturday he invited us and an investigator named Moret to go on a small trip with him. We went on a mountain in Russia and then went to a city called Urbino. Urbino is where Raphael the painter and turtle were born. We got to go in a castle and all of the old city is still there. It was pretty great. It's really nice here in Pesaro. The members really like the missionaries and are really involved. We had dinner with President last night and it was really good. He had the tv on in the background. And I was humbled by the tv. I've still got a while to go to be fluent. We normally don't watch tv or music so I'm a bit weaker in that way with the language.

Moret is the guy who we went on the small trip with. He is from Peru. His sister is a member that is not the best example for her brother.. He works a lot and is pretty tired. He really likes photography. We got to go see him on Sunday the day after we went on the short trip and we got to talk to him etc. He's got potential.

I see you Johanna.. Do they think that walls can hide you. Even now I'm at your window. I am in the dark beside you. Johanna. And are you beautiful with hair. With yellow hair like wheat. Is want you beautiful and pale. The way I dreamed you were Johanna.

I greet you,
Anziano Gridley

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