Wednesday, October 28, 2015

It's been a short time

Dear family and friends,

We are talking about the greater good.
We are missionaries of the almighty. We are the greatest good you're ever gonna get.

We stayed in the apartment this p day and played some board games again. Every day besides p day is jammed packed filled with lessons. We don't have enough time in the day to do everything I would like. We are still preparing quite a few people for baptism next month for the 28th of November. Four investigators came to church on Sunday. Never had that happen before. Also Martin the Nigerian return missionary came. They all really liked church so that's a plus. We are hoping to get about eight people this next week. Last week was really high number wise. We met another member that is from Nigeria this last week. He should be coming to church this next week.

Tell me a story about a memorable lesson you taught. A funny lesson yesterday was when we taught Dennis. The really awesome guy from Ghana who is here with his mom. Super humble guy. We taught him with Godwin and Ek. Both are new converts who are awesome. (They are from Nigeria). On the way over I asked them if they would like to marry a woman from Nigeria. They basically said they would let God decide and then they would have no choice but to follow it. I related that to the lesson about 3 times during the lesson. How if God decides something for us. We follow it. It was pretty dang funny.

Beh.. I can't think of anything to write about.. Ask me questions if you'd like so these can be longer.. Sort of too tired to make up stuff on the spot. We got to go teach a lesson so I'll let you go. Also I feel like some of my victory stuff in email form is just bragging. So I'll keep it all to myself. Before I tear it all up and throw it away. Almost had you. (That's a good song).

That was totally wicked.

You are welcome,
Anziano Gridley

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