Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Silver and Gold Have I Not. But Here's Some Bread and Please Here the Word of The Almighty.

Dear family and friends,

You are insane.
Good thing I was.. Or else this probably wouldn't work.

On Sunday we had one investigator come to church. Valentine... He is super awesome. He is from Nigeria. His family has lived in France for a few years. He lived in Morocco as a human rights representative there. Now he is here.. He looking for a new start. A very humble awesome guy. He remembers the missionaries from back in 96. We are hopefully going to see him tonight again.

In the bunny park there is a pull up bar. I saw a guy working out so I took off my jacket and put down my bag and did as many pull ups as I could. Only 6. I then started talking to him in a natural way. He is from Brazil.. Speaks English and Italian. We have an appointment later in the week. Sometimes ping pong / pull up finding is worth it.

On Saturday there were a lot of people in the centro of the city. So many we couldn't talk to all of them and it would only be so productive. We tried to talk to specific people. The big success of the night was when I went up to three Africans and started to talk to them in Italian talking to two of them. One has been in Italy for 13 years.. The other for 8 years.. All of them are from Ghana. One was going to college in Venice. I started to talk about the gospel. After a while Anziano Keller came up and started talking to the two. I started talking to the other guy. His name is Dennis. He told me he has been in italy about 8 months. He is here with his mother. He didn't understand the Italian I was saying. But said he was in the past if I hadn't talked to him go look it up when he got home. This guy is legit. We saw him yesterday with Godwin and Ek. Two African members. Dennis is extremely humble. We are going to see him on Friday. We got all three of their numbers. But we are most excited about Dennis.

Chris and rosemary are doing ok. Hopefully we are going to see them tomorrow. Chris helps the other Africans go to the Pentecostal church so he did not come to church on Sunday. He is still super cool and we talked about baptism with him.

We met two men from Nigeria Chris and Martin last week. Chris is like Valentine and Dennis. Super humble awesome guy... And Martin is a member from Nigeria.. Who served a mission. A complete stud. We are going to try to have him help us with quite a few of these people.

There is a hotel where a lot of the Africans are brought in to stay in Vicenza when they first come to Italy. We have a few people who live there. It's super funny because if we wait for someone outside so we can go sit somewhere and teach them. Usually within five minutes we have someone new to teach. I keep telling Anziano Keller we can't go out there cause it's a bad environment for me. Kind of a funny joke.

Friso did not come to church on Sunday. We called him that night and he said I have changed my ideas.. Anziano Keller told him he did not hear him well and asked him to say it again. But he hung up. Anziano Keller is super bummed. We are not giving up on him yet.. But these last few days we have tried to give him some space. We have no idea what is wrong.

We met with Tony a long time (2 months) investigator. We invited him to be baptized. He accepted.. He got really excited about the gift of the Holy Ghost. We will see what happens. He needs to come to church etc.

We are not just talking with Africans.. They are usually the ones humble enough to listen and who love God and Jesus Christ. Hopefully friso and a man named Rugero will work out.

Anyways we are working with a lot of these people which is fantastic.. I'm a little bummed we can't find as much but this is great. It's kind of what is going on right now so excuse me for talking about it.

The Dutchman must have a captain.

You go come church on Sunday with me?

Anziano Gridley Austin says "I have a gut"

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