Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Scambio with Anziano Hansen

Ciao amici e la Mia famiglia,

How are you doing?
Does it hurt?

I had a scambio after zone conference. I got to go with Anziano Hansen. He is going to go home from his mission in a few weeks. It was nice to work with someone with lots of experience. We saw some people playing ping pong in the park.. They could play a bit.. We were going to just keep going.. But I figured it was one of the few things I was half way good at. So we went up and I got to play against this old guy. He beat me the first game 11-2.. Then I won 4 games as he won 2 more.. Anziano Hansen talked to the two young guys there while we played. I am sad at how I've lost the skills. Please help me after the mission Glen. All of my game is lost. At least I beat an old Italian man ~_~. We then tried to talk to more people etc.. We had gelato I than told him I was going to go hulk mode. We got a few people's numbers. It was a good time.

Anziano Keller and I were in a park on Sunday talking to some people I felt like things were off. So we sat down and did a short pop.. And said a prayer. We then had a lot of success.. Those kind of cool little things happen a lot. Jesus's recommendation for being strengthened for something is prayer.

Yesterday we did about an hour of "bus stop" finding.. Basically we sit at a bus stop talking to people for an hour as they leave and we stay.. And then at the end leave on our bikes. Incredibly funny. The point is to talk to people in a natural environment.. Unnaturally made.. It worked really well last night. I keep on chuckling to myself.. It's just so incredibly evil and funny. And the nice part is it works.. Finding on the streets works.. We just talk to everyone and have a bit of success from it.. People are a lot more willing to be rude to a complete stranger than to a semi stranger. Most people aren't mean.. They just don't know they are interested in God and what not till you show how it applies.. Or are just in a rush etc.. Hence street finding is a lot more tiring.. We circle through lots of people.. And it does hurt a bit to here no so often. So we are trying to switch it up.

Questora finding was good yesterday. I talked to this man from the benign republic. He is married to a woman from Nigeria.. They have two children have lived in Italy for two years etc.. He told me how he heavily believes in prayer.. How things have come easily to him because of prayer. He prayed for work.. It came easy enough. He prayed for a good wife.. He found one.. I taught a lesson specifically geared to him and at the end he told me that the things I was talking about was probably something he would be interested in. Perfect. He was a really cool guy.. And I meet lots of people like him.. With so much people like him.. Something has got to pan through.

We teach the Italian class for the ward once a week. No one comes. Our copia is a bit chipped when it comes to a few things. My goal is to leave this city with our copia with the cooler stuff haha.

We met a man on the street from Nigeria he is super cool. He brought his wife to an appointment we made with him. Which is interesting because most Africans come alone when they come to Italy by boat. So we have good hopes in them.. The lesson was a bit rocky.. But they were awesome enough that it didn't super matter. They came in the rain and they are African to hear gods word. We now know they are legit people.

Friso is doing ok. He was feeling sick so he did not come to church on Sunday. So his baptism will be pushed back. We are going to go see him tonight. Hopefully he is ok.

We are trying to read as a mission the Book of Mormon before Christmas. It's been pretty nice.

We are working pretty hard so I am decently tired. Nap time etc. risk took way too long today. I won.. It was arguably not worth it.

Swing home jack.

I greet you bros,
Anziano Gridley

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