Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Sarah put down that handcart

Dear family and friends,

One eye one horn flying purple people eater. What a sight to see.

We had a Halloween party last Friday. It went extremely well. For our companionship we got eight investigators to come. Two members came as well with us. We marched at the head of our army for over two and a half miles. We then got them at the end shoved into one mini van of the first counselor to the Italian branch. It was extremely funny. They all got to eat good food and get to know the other investigators better. After dinner we had some time so we decided we would have a lesson with all of them. We read about the sons of Mosiah and alma.. How this small group of men had a very powerful effect on the world. At first a negative effect. So much so God sent an angel to stop them. They were doing a good job of leading people away from God. They then became some of the best missionaries of all time.. They basically converted a whole nation to God and Jesus. I told them how this small group of men shows how a small group of men can change the world powerfully for the negative.. They can change nothing.. Or change things powerfully in the positive. I invited them to help each other with brotherhood and that we should change the world for the positive. I then read the conclusion of when alma meets with the sons of Mosiah after 16 years and is happy to see them.. And happy that all of them were still brethren in God. I told them I probably wouldn't see them again until the next life.. And that I would be happy to see them but I would be a lot more happy if we were still brethren in God.. And invited them to prepare for that (basically). It was pretty dang fantastic.
We had all of these investigators come to church the next day with one other investigator. It was pretty insane. The branch isn't strong enough to support us with enough rides for now. So we are going to start seeing who is truly committed by walking with them more often to church.

We taught a drug dealer a few days ago. We wouldn't have.. But he's met with missionaries in the past and has lots of member friends. So we taught him. He is Catholic and talked about how he didn't want to be baptized again.. I told him at the beginning after he told me this.. In a while I am going to ask you to be baptized again.. Why do you think I'm going to ask you to do that? Blew his mind. We then watched the Wilford Woodruff short film about being baptized. (Italian ruined the small amount of spelling skills I had. We then talked about him.. I asked him the question again just saying I was going to ask him again in 2 minutes.. Why would I do that? He asked me to answer my own question. I did.. I invited him to prepare for baptism which involved changing his life. I told him we were having success and we didn't have time to waste.. We had time for him and for this if he had time for us and for this.. He is going to call us if he wants this. Beh if I'm going to have a lesson with a drug dealer I'd want it to go something like this.. Give them a way out if they'll take it.. A chance for a turning point if they take it.

I had a scambio yesterday with Anziano pyper. It was a little funky because Anziano pyper is still new and did not know on a scambio is supposed to be working for the copia is working with. So he was trying to get some potentials for his companionship etc instead of for the companionship that he was scambioing for. Which is not a thing pretty much ever. We found one extra cool guy who he started to talk to first. He and Anziano brooks will be teaching this guy from now on due to this one point despite lots of other points. Anyways.. If we can not have charity and love for those closest to us how can we be preaching about Jesus and love etc. Jesus taught that if someone asks for our cloak we should give him our coat also. I imagine this is one of those moments. We had a goal of finding a baptism that scambio.. We just found it for their copia.. I'll let it go.

Sometimes we get caught up in the moment and lose the good perspective that is necessary to make wise decisions.

It was the monster mash. The monster mash.

You done chop,
Anziano Gridley

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