Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Too much now.

Dear family and friends,

If only tears were laughter. If only night was day. However they attack. Whatever they call us.. We'll find our own way back.

Isaacs birthday! Happy birthday Isaac:).. I'm pretty terrible aren't I? Finally mention it a few weeks late. I'll do better when I get home.. There is a funny balance for me in staying focused and working hard.. A lot of me is really focused here with just a bit at home. We will have to battle at this dart place when I get home.. You better practice up because I've got years of call of duty under my belt which is not easily defeated. Plus I take this stuff way too seriously haha.

I gave a talk on Sunday. It was on being humble and meek. Obviously I needed to give this talk haha. I talked about Ammon as my example.. And the teaching of Jesus. Ammon was pretty dang sick. He tries a different approach of being a servant to make a more natural missionary move. He was a prince and he became a servant.. Pretty humble and meek. I mentioned at the end how if we love Jesus we feed his sheep.. Do missionary work.. God wants us to do missionary work so if we are humble and meek we will do that.. I like to use a lot of scriptures in my talks..

It's weird with our investigators.. We had only one of the original 12 people preparing for baptism in church on Sunday... We had five new people come though.. It's weird because yes a few of the twelve dropped off the planet but most of them love us the missionaries.. So it's probably going to take more time with a lot of them.. But if things continue well hopefully they will make it. It was nice to see a good coincidence. I had 14 pieces of fruit.. To try to give our guys strength as they walked to church.. Turns out the seven guys who came couldn't have lunch and I had just enough fruit to give each of them two pieces. I don't really believe in coincidences.

Anziano Davis.. Is a really laid back guy.. I'm fine with this up to the point where it messes with the missionary work.. We will see how things go.. Anziano Davis is a really good guy. He's got spunk that's for sure.

We went to Bologna on Sunday so he could baptize one of his investigators from Ferrara. It went really well.. We were on trains all of Sunday. I love trains.. I tried to use the time well.. I met three more notable people which was funny. I met Godstime who lives in mestre.. Who met missionaries in Trento just a few days earlier.. So I just confirmed the experience he had with those missionaries. Really cool guy. I also met David who is from Nigeria.. He has four children and has lived in Italy for five years. Had a really good conversation with him.. And then I met Kenneth.. He was baptized almost twenty years ago in Germany. He then had to leave Germany and go back home.. Now he's here. I invited him to come back to church etc. he remembers the missionary who baptized him very well.. I hope missionaries in the future will take time to help my guys when they need help. It's important. Coincidences do not exist.

I can't deny what I believe I can't be what I'm not.

I salute you,
Anziano Gridley

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