Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Zero To Hero, Just Like That

Ciao tutti,

Siamo ateo.
Ma Come Mai voi non credete in Gesu Cristo.

Church was once again really great this week. I am translating a fair bit of the time so I got to really pay attention. Godstime and Marcus came to church.. Jonathan and Salvatore as well. I am really going to miss the people here in vercelli. There is a girl Eliza that is going to temple square for her mission. She lives in santhia near vercelli. She talked about how she will be making sacrifices but not really for the next year and a half. Anything that's worth anything takes a sort of sacrifice. Or it doesn't really have any worth.

We had another scambio on Sunday. We got back to Novara (with Anziano Taylor) ate some grilled cheeses and studied Italian. We then went out and taught little Angelo. After that we went finding. We tried to talk to maybe 6 people and 4 out of them we had a lesson with.. Novara/vercelli are magical in that way.. I hope it's sort of that way in Vicenza. Btw I am moving to Vicenza near padova tomorrow. There is an American army base there. To be honest I am extremely excited to leave. I can do lots of missionary work and get a new start.. I will miss the people here though. The next morning our train was an hour late so we talked to a few people.. Train finding is the best.. I really love the Book of Mormon so it's something easy I can talk about.. And the
restoration is how we have the Book of Mormon so it all works out. I got complimented by a man when I was testifying about the bom has helped my life.. And he said that he could tell. One of the nicest compliments. We then went to Milan for a doc appointment. Anziano Galli is better. I hope he steps up this next transfer.

Ali our new convert didn't get his documents. He was extremely sad about that. He said documents are the most important thing.. He is going to get a lawyer and keep trying.

Unselfishness is a tricky fun thing.

I have been trying to be a lot more obedient lately. You can't really break the commandments. In the end they just break you. There is a reason for all of them.. And I feel a lot better right now. You can receive quick pleasure by breaking a commandment and pay for it later with interest .. Or you can be patient pay for it first.. And then receive the promised blessings and be molded the way you should. It's important not to forget obedience junk.

On Sunday in the third hour they asked me if I had any final words.. I was taken a bit by surprise thought for a second.. I didn't have anything super pressing to say.. So I said no. I got to be quicker on my feet for those things. One thing I want to do better at is expressing gratitude.

Ma cosa dici?

Anziano Gridley

Austin saying "Five Golden Rings", Missionaries shopping in Torino, and Novaro Apartment.

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