Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Say it Like You Mean It.

Dear Family and Friends,
Il Tempo Passa In Fretta.
We have had some good success this week. We found out that Marcus is less interested in the gospel and the Godstime is still interested. Godstime asks us quite a few questions.. one of his questions was about reincarnation. Which I guess some africans believe in. We told him it wasnt a Christian belief.. etc. It rained a lot on Sunday so only, of our investigators, Salvatore came to church. Which was a bit dissapointing. Moral of the story.. Africans really hate rain. We met with two other African men that I met a while ago on scambios.. once Anziano Galli can start walking more we should start to find quite a few more people.
Three new people have been coming to english class. They are all pretty young. I have been teaching them english.. which mostly just involves us having an hour conversation.. because they have taken english in school etc.. they just dont know how to speak or understand english as much as they need to. It is pretty fun. One of the highlights of the week.
We talked to Salvatore again about his baptism. He does not feel ready.. But he is... so we just had a conversation as missionaries and him.. and as friends. No use beating around the bush.. when baptism is screaming at your face. Hopefully he will feel ready soon and will be baptized. Lots of time has been put into helping him so hopefully it will pan out. He is a really sweet guy.
We went to Milan two times this last week to see doctors. I enjoyed the train rides.. I got to talk to quite a few people and got to practice learning Italian.
I challenge you to try to gain better self control this week. If you can control yourself.. and if you know what you want and what you should want. You are basically set. Challenging myself as well. 
Thank you for the emails. Congratz mom on qualifying. If I make it through this life correctly it will definitely be thanks to Mom and a few other select people. 

Time Passes Quickly.
Anziano Gridley

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