Monday, September 28, 2015

Only He Can Save Your Soul

Dear family and friends,

When Jesus says yes nobody can say no.

During church this week I got to teach a cute youth class the second hour with brother candy. There were three youth with us. I got to teach about missionary work.. How they can do missionary work now as youth. I really liked the lesson because I got to teach kind of as if I was teaching me ten years ago what I know now.
I talked about..
Why we have missionary work..
Why we have the gospel..
How we can be strong in the gospel
Do we have a testimony..
I invited them to do better than me..
I gave each of them a pass along card and invited them to give it to one friend and explain a little bit about it.. Small missionary work adds up.

We had a Pride humility lesson in the third hour of church.. I really liked the lesson.. It was more of just for us and less of something else.. Some things I thought help us know how we are doing in being humble or we have more pride is..
Keep the commandments..
Changing our will for God..
Suffer all things we are asked..
If we don't suffer the pain for a moment.. All of the rest gets evilly tainted.
Humility put someone else before myself.. For me I'm pretty chill and somethings don't make no never mind to me.. But sometimes someone else can lose there bananas at some of these things.. For me I can feel I am extra humble when I take interest in something or help with something because it matters to someone else and hence becomes important to me.

You know Sunday during church was the best I felt all week.

It has been really nice seeing how much charity and love I have gained for our investigators.. I really care about them..

There was a talk given Sunday that talked about how peter was fine on the waters while he as looking unto Jesus but when he looked at the waves he started to sink.. He then invited us to look to Jesus and live.

Hold to the iron rod and you can not fall.

We are going to Torino today for p day.. Anziano Galli can walk a lot better now... We had zone training last week.. I got to talk to a Nigerian woman that has been in Italy for a few years.. She taught me some pigeon and I talked to her about our church..

Isabella, Godstime, and Salvatore are doing well... We are working on helping them be baptized.. Hopefully in October for all of them.. We hope for good things.. Our English class has been getting a lot bigger.. Which is nice.. We have been meeting with some people from English class outside of English class to teach them more English.. And Also to talk more about the gospel.. They are not super interested in the gospel part.. But piano piano.

He lives.. I know that he lives.. He died and then he rose again.. Rose Again.. He lives.

Peace be unto thy soul,
Anziano Gridley

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