Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The castle on the hill

Dear family and friends,

Over the top down and break and Cha Cha Cha. Repeat it. Repeat it.
To me life is a dance

The water bottle in my bag leaked all over the other day (my water bottle opened in my bag). It was kind of funny. Some of my books got pretty wet.

Transfers are next Wednesday.. But last Saturday we got a call telling us that Anziano Santiago was going to be an office elder that Sunday.. So I have been with Anziano Bingham and Thomas.. And will be with them until next Wednesday. It is pretty fun..  We moved my bed into the middle of their room.. Anziano Thomas is the nicest guy ever.. Anziano Bingham and I battle a little bit with our wits. Life in Trento is the good life. We expect that only one coppia(couple) will remain in Trento next transfer.. We shall see.

Last Friday the branch had an activity we went to.. They made big sandwiches that we all ate.. Then they had despicable me 2 play.. And they brought out the ping pong table.. I played against Stanley and the vescovo(Bishop) from Bolzano.. The vescovo was pretty good.. He had played a bit back in the day.. The paddles were worth about 10$ so they were halfway decent. It was a pretty fun activity. I kind of wish I had gone to more activities a few years ago.. But then again I don't.. Fun stuff.

Today we are going to a different castle that is in between rovereto and Trento. It is pretty high up on the mountain.. We will have to take a bus close by then walk about a mile up the mountain to the castle. It should be pretty nice.

We are starting to cook together again as Anziani for lunch. I am pretty sick and tired of pasta since Alessandra... And I am a bit superstitious that it makes you gain quite a bit of weight (cause it does).. If you could send me moms cornbread recipe.. And the barbecue pizza recipe from the walnut grove cook book, and whatever other recipes you would recommend that would be great.

Be careful with your teeth Sam. Don't blow the house up with fireworks Jacob. I am glad yall have been enjoying the cabin and the family reunions.. Fun stuff. What are the scouts (young women as well) doing this summer for their big trips?

It is getting quite a bit hotter here in Trento.. It is nice teaching lots of people (we are teaching everyone there is to teach in Trento). We put some advertising up in the college here in Trento about the free English class we teach on Wednesdays and Saturdays.. Hopefully that will help bring some new people. There make tons of grapes (wine) here in Italy. They use all the spare space in Italy to produce food etc.

The mind of man must first depend upon quality input before it can be counted upon to render good decisions. Like the most sophisticated computer, only with its properly designed control panel in proper place and in working order can the system be depended upon to produce the desired results.
I found this in a general conference talk and I like the general idea.. That our spirits and our minds need to be fed good inputed spiritual and mental food.. Just as our body has a need for good actual food and things will begin to shut down, not work properly, gain fat, etc if we are not eating good food.. The same applies if we are reading, watching, or listening to garbage, don't read scriptures,

pray, or go to church. If we want good external results mentally or spiritually it would make sense that you should try to set yourself up in a good position by supplying good things and not bad. I invite you to set yourself up a little bit better for success this week and try to start or stop something that will help set you up spiritually or mentally.

I always ask myself.. What would Donny and Marie do? And within two to three weeks.. I always have an answer.

With love,
Anziano Gridley

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