Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Inception Is Possible. It Is Just Blooming Difficult.

Dear family and friends,

Show me how to lie, you are getting better all the time.. And if you don't get what you want well it's all because of me. Now dance kid dance man you never had a chance.. and no one even knew it was really only you. With a thousand lies and a good disguise get them right between eyes. When you walk away nothing more to say. See the Lightning in your eyes. See them running for their lives.

This last week has been pretty great. I now understand why the return missionary was slamming his fist into the pulpit and saying that he would not trade his mission for a million dollars. Fun.. Funny.. Good stuff. Vercelli is pretty small for an Italian mission city. The station is about a three minute walk from our apartment. When we first got here we had all of our luggage. Anziano Gailee had three big, big suitcases. I tried taking three suitcases at a time.. But it was way too heavy.. So we would have to walk half a block.. And then I would walk back and grab his extra suit case... It took us about a half hour to get to the apartment.. We were drenched in sweat. Our apartment is in the tallest building in the city. We live on the top floor (the ninth). We open the windows during the day and quite a bit of wind comes through.. This apartment has been called the pent house. I like this apartment.. It is really hot and humid and there are Mosquitos.. Mostly the Mosquitos are just a problem at night. Our apartment is about a two minute walk from the church.

Happy Birthday Lucy. I hope you have a fun time at girls camp even if it is at the last fun place again.

Anziano Galli is pretty great. He is a transfer below me.. so just a little bit younger in the mission. He is 22.. he was before his mission in the top 30 in the world in tennis.. he made two songs that became the top songs on itunes.. he went to BYU Hawaii.. and finished his bachelors degree in two years. Anziano Galli is also basically the son of Donald Trump... and yeah.. he is a really driven guy.. that just needs to be aimed in the right way. He speaks the language a lot better than I do.. so I have been trying to utilize the time I have with him.. to catch back up with the language.. 

We have a few investigators here.. the one that is making the most progress and is really nice to see is a man names Ali. He is from Ghana. He is about 26.. he has two kids and a wife.. (He is alone here in Italy). He wanted to find Jesus in his life.. and hence started to come to our church.. he has been coming for over two months solid. We met with him yesterday at about twelve.. the bishop wanted to meet with him at about four.. so we made him lunch and ate with him at the church and helped him with his Italian.. He should be getting baptized soon.. He is absolutely ready for it.. It is really good for him.

The other two Anziani in our district is Anziano Smoot, and Taylor. Anziano Smoot is in Anziano Gallis group.. he really likes Taylor Swift and is pretty funny. Anziano Taylor is in my group.. he is a really nice guy.. and is hardcore. They are working in Novara.. which is a city nearby that is a bit bigger than Vercelli. We went there today. l

A man was saying to this member of the first Presidency about how the church asks a lot from its members. 
I said, “Brother, this Church demands nothing of you. It just offers you a better way of life.” He said, “But it is awfully hard.” I said, “Let’s see if it is. Let’s go and get a cigar and have a good smoke. Let’s go and hold up a bank and see what happens. Let us go and join a group tonight as they go out on a big drunk.” He said, “President Tanner, don’t be ridiculous.” I said, “All right, I won’t if you won’t.” Then I said, “Just name one commandment that you think you shouldn’t keep, or you would advise your son not to keep.” He could not.
The easy path and the one with the least amount of growth is often not the correct path. It may be easier to break a commandment.. but it will not bring you as much happiness as if you had obeyed the commandment.. and in the end you wont grown into the person you could have become as well as you could have. Everything makes sense in the gospel if you aren't studying it wrong.

Why did you quit?
I lost, he was the real Champion.
No, no, no.
He won.. You take some time to get that through your head.

I salute you,
Anziano Gridley

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