Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Of Pday Adventures Hunting Down Monstrous Dragons Called Mosquitos

Dear family and friends,

No, wait, wait. Right there. This little rat is guilty.

Ali should be getting baptized this Sunday and confirmed the Sunday after that. We are really excited for him. Last week we spent some time helping Isabella with a big English exam she took last Saturday. She has a Book of Mormon and is reading it slowly. Now that her test is done.. We are going to invite her to do more things since she will have more time.

We found this Romanian girl who has lived in Italy for a few years when we first got here... She was really nice and interested in what we were talking about. We got her number, but had not been able to reach her. We went to go try to find new people and perhaps her Monday and were able to find her.. The first time we had tried to find her again, we found her. She is still interested, changed her phone and doesn't like to communicate via phone quite as much. I only  so much believe in accidents.
The other day we had a lesson with a man who wanted the Book of Mormon in Italian audio. I got it last transfer even though I didn't really want it too much and was thinking about deleting it a week or two ago. This should help him be able to listen to the Book of Mormon while he works.

This email is going to be a bit short.. We have a lesson today at 5:30 set up by a member... Which doesn't happen that often. I can't complain. I am really trying to get better at Italian and make use of this time.

Now I got to fix a car. I got to fix a table.
The car.. What happened to the car?

Vi voglio bene (I Love You)
Anziano Gridley

Some video clip of him waiting for Ali for lunch:

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