Wednesday, July 29, 2015

That's why we stick to your game plans and party fouls.

Why do we fall Bruce? So that we can pick ourselves back up.

Anziano Taylor and I did a scambio in Novara for a day last week. We got a lot of lessons that day. We ran into a lot of people we probably needed to. It was really nice to have a work day. I used to not like talking to strangers. Right now it is my favorite part.

Ali is baptized. He is doing really good. He said his baptism was one of the highlights of his life so far. We have still been feeding him when he comes to lessons which is really nice. He is a really sweet nice guy, really sincere. One of my favorite parts of my mission is being a part of a group of people that touch someone's life. Two people got baptized in Bolzano last weekend. I had been one of the elders to go teach both of them once at different times.. At good lessons. It isn't a lot.. But being a small part of these people's lives is somethin else.

We set a bap date with this really sweet genuine guy named Salvatore. Really good man. Now that I can generally speak and understand Italian it is a lot easier to connect with the people we are teaching. I really hope things work out for Salvatore.

I started reading the Book of Mormon a lot again instead of reading other things. The Book of Mormon has a power stronger than the other things I have read. This is tried and proven. If you want a special spirit in your life, try to read some of the Book of Mormon. I invite you to read some.

We are heading to Torino this morning. I am pretty excited.. Italy is pretty dang cool. Italian is a pretty cool language as well.

Anziano Galli and I have had some crazy ping pong battles. I think I would like to get back into it when I get back.. I need to figure out how to not get worked up when I am losing. Surprisingly most of the strokes are mostly there.

Things are going well here. Enjoy the ride of life.

Your father would be ashamed of you.

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