Wednesday, January 13, 2016

This Is Gonna Be The Best Day of My Life. Naw. Just Kidding.

Dear family and friends,

With these new developments, I really need a raise. Today I'm going to do something new for the first time at work. Try.

I finally got my Christmas package last week. I opened it right away. It was awesome. Thank you to the appropriate people. I think it got a little wet inside the package somehow (before I got it).. But nothing is ruined. Except the random pieces of really old paper mom wrote random notes on.. Those are distorted to Rohan and back. Thank you for the Alaska things. Those are awesome. Beef jerky:). It's a cool puzzle. But I'm a missionary. I have no time and I live out of a suitcase haha. Thank you for the letters and the kindness. The bookmark is super cool. It is slightly older looking due to water damage. But that just adds to the authenticity. Thanks for the money. Y'all are a good family.

Sunday was great. We had quite a few people in church. Kingsley came. Happy came with his sister, that brought two of her children. Christian came with his friend Onyeka. Yes, Onyeka is very hard to say. Especially if you just hear him say it, and haven't read it. He is super cool (so far). Africans, in general, are really good at sharing the gospel and inviting their friends to stuff. Isiah came. Who we met just briefly when we were with martins. His dad died last week. He was hoping church would help him feel better. He's pretty cool as well.

Kingsley is back on the map. We've met with him twice since last week. The first time we met he told us that he wanted to meet with us more. To come to church more. And to get baptized. He could tell that he was drifting a bit from God. And he didn't like it. So he's back on track and doing well.

Frank is doing really good. I think we overcame his other church barrier. Somehow with the last three lessons, we showed him we care about him a lot. And our church is probably more correct. So he's all on board coming to church and what not now which is good. This guy is mini grizzly stuffed animal loveable hugging guy. He's awesome. Last time we met with him sunny was able to come as well (Sunny, Frank, Harry, and Sylvester live in the same place). We were able to help sunny. He hasn't been to church for a while due to the cold. Sunny is really solid and awesome so it's awesome when he can help frank. They are supposed to read with each other every other night.

Dennis is still really legit and I think he will get baptized. But right now he needs some space. He's too dang attached to his Pentecostal church. His mom is no longer an excuse and he still hasn't come and we have made it very easy for him to come see if he will come. I wish he wouldn't do this. Because as our only guy from Ghana he is making a stereotype that Nigeria triumphs over Ghana. Hopefully, he will not let that stereotype win.

Kebba is really nice and legit for a Muslim. But I think he's in the Dennis boat. But as a Muslim.

Francesco is an English class student. He is actually one of our few success stories. We invite quite a few people to English class. (The idea is to invite sometimes to English class first. And then if they are nice or you can tell you can keep talking to them. Talk about the gospel). We talked to him and his friend. And Francesco has been coming to English class. We went to his house last week and hung out for a while. Getting to know him better. We then watched the restoration video and had a really good conversation afterward. It may take some time. But we hope for the best.

We were able to see robin again after the holidays. He is doing good. He read some of the Book of Mormon etc. we are trying to help him come to church as that is the one place he is not progressing. He is just a bit shy and lives in a different city. He's an awesome guy, though.

As a missionary, I really like how I am able to tell who the almighty usually helps put me in the right place at the right time. I saw this like 20 times this last week. Whether it's I run into a less active member I recognize from Trento. That's an odd thing. I meet someone super cool and legit. We mess up and have prepared the Wrong day for an interview Christian needs to do with president Dibb. And we get a call as we are teaching Christian, that it's today and not tomorrow. We are already with him so it's not a problem. It's pretty awesome.

Someone stole my bike lights. My rear red backlight. And my front white light. Anziano Davis's bike was right next to mine and they didn't steal his lights. Just mine (I don't wish on him his lights were also stolen, that's dumb). It makes riding a bit more fun. If I die. I die with honor.

Best friend book. I don't remember what I wanted to write about here. Beh. Christian and happy are preparing to be baptized next Saturday. If you'd like you can pray for them.

No. No. No. Noooooooooo.

You day fine,
Anziano Gridley

Here is Austin eating Couscous, and later, his companion getting romantic advice from local Italian "Paris" who makes cool things out of glass:

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