Wednesday, January 20, 2016

For Those Of You Who Like Bread, Chocolate, and Cake. You are not alone.. I Also Like Pizza, Popsicles, Video Games, and Lots of Stuff.

Dear family and friend,

We met a man named Silver on the train on our way back from Schio. He is super cool. He lives in Thiene. He is from Togo. He speaks French. Really nice guy.. Super humble.. We have met with him twice and invited him to be baptized etc.. We have been trying to use French materials so he can understand better. He has been in Italy for one year and speaks some Italian.. But worse than us.. If that gives you an idea because we don't speak too well. He is super humble and awesome. He came to church last Sunday.. He walked from the station, being guided by his phone. Anziano Hubbard and I went out to find him and one other guy.. Because there were communication problems over the phone when I was talking to him. He is about 22 years old. Hopefully, he'll keep progressing and being awesome.

We met with again Thankgod. He came to the Halloween party and church the next day if you remember when we led our army to church on foot. We met with him two times after that.. And then he stopped answering his phone etc. but we ran into him again and we have met with him again. He has a very sad story of why he left Africa etc.. He is nineteen. Really young. And yeah he feels really alone. I hope we get to keep trying to help him.. As we are only trying to help him etc.

Tonight we are having a broadcast for all the missionaries. Our p day is over a bit early because of this. But it should be exciting to see what the broadcast is about etc.

We met with Yeboah last week. We met him on the road a while ago. He is super cool and is from Ghana. Men killed his father and older brother because they were Christian and wouldn't worship other gods. So he left to Italy. Hence, he is really awesome and we are hoping to help him to become more awesome etc.

Boyobo had a skateboard that had a curse word on it that he was going to throw away because he almost hurt himself trying it. Anziano Davis then saved that skateboards life and today rode it at a skatepark. I had a good time watching him etc..

Frank came to church on his new steed of a bike. He got it really cheap but it's a pretty sick bike. Hopefully, he will remain on this new leaf as he and Kingsley are our hopefully next baptisms after happy and Christian. Happy and Christian are as ready for Saturday as you can get Africans to be. Everything should go fine. Just keep praying.

I salute you,
Anziano Gridley

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