Wednesday, March 18, 2015

How you Fa?

"I'm not afraid.
You will be. You will be."

The ward mission leader is a twenty six year old named Martin. His family are the Lazartes. They are a really nice good family. They had us over for Christmas eariler last year. The mom and the daughter sophia are pretty funny. Martin brought a friend to the gans family home evening on Sunday which was pretty cool. The gans apparently dont know how to play risk or clue.....

You shake it up. And hoodily who.
Lard with Bacon bits.
Not Acceptable! 
We are going to teach them how to play some time soon.

Back on point. Last week Fratello (Brother) Lazarte and me went on a pass by to a family with a less active elder whose wife comes every week but isn't a member. We just talked and gave a small spiritual thought to these two ladies.(Sisters). They are from Ukraine. Fratello Lazarte and I had time to talk before the lesson and after. I took the liberty of asking him some questions finding out more about him etc. For instance when I asked him how he met his wife.. or why he married her. He said... She lived close to me...... HAHA. When I asked him how he found out about the church and why he joined he said... My Wife... haha.. He is a really good guy and him and I had a really good conversation in Italian that I felt a lot of peace with.
We went and ate with the Lazarte also this last week. 

I am having a blast right now. We went to Genova today to have some interviews with President. We got to see a fair bit of the city and I am sending pics. The mission is good, I am trying to use the time well.
I was a bit bothered that we would have to be on a train for some time with nothing to do. (It is a bit of train ride). So I brought a chess board and we played a few games. Anziano Delgado tries but he is the Annikan to my Obiwan.. which means he hasnt really beaten me.. even though at times they are close games. It's all good fun haha.

The apartment below us have been hammering their apartment..... All day... which isn't super enjoyable for us. We are hoping they stop soon. It is just annoying when it is two people hammering and demolishing the apartment below us all day. Kind of funny though.. and I probably wouldn't change the situation is just for the sake of the humor.

Anziano Andricks is an Anziano in my zone. He is a really cool guy that is super down to earth. He has a different style to missionary work that maybe not everyone would like or appreciate... but in the end we are here to do good.. and do what we can. I am thankful for good examples here. (and bad haha)

There was a stake priesthood meeting at a hotel this past week. We rode down with Fratello Zito which I really liked. He served a mission in England and pulls our legs a lot. I don't exactly love the Italian meetings like this. The stake kind of yelled at us at times etc.... but I felt the spirit really strong anyways. Which is a really sweet feeling. A feeling that I like... hence I decided even if the meetings in the future are.... interesting.. if you are in the right place and you are feeling the spirit it is a good meeting regardless.

A topic I have thought a bit about is expressing love. Some times people do not feel they are loved.. or that people care about what they care about. It is a really good thing to express love and care in good healthy ways. Maybe that someone is failing or not doing something good.. or like something that isn't the best thing.. we should still show love for the person. Hence one thing I try is.. if I don't care about something.. but someone else does.. or God does.. I try to do care about it. I invite y'all to show more love and to care more about other people. I am no where near a master at this.. but as the Africans would say. It is good. It is fine.

Wake up gird up my loins!

If you strike me down. I will become more powerful than you can imagine. (I really am a Jedi haha).

With Love
Anziano Gridley


Christopher Columbus is proprio from Genova


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