Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A nickel for every time someone has to go to the hospital. Instead of seeing us. I've got roughly a dollar. Which is worthless in Italy. :)

This week was pretty good... I've been shipped off to Verona for good behavior. My companion is Anziano once. He's an awesome guy. He's got a good heart. He's a youngster in the mission. He's from North Carolina... He's kind of a quiet guy. This with lots of other things means I've got to come out retirement for just a little while. The first few days here went ok. One funny guy was called Chris. He's from Germany. He's had a really hard life. He went on a vacation to Rome. He slept out in a tent and essentially he got robbed by ten guys. Losing some of his valuables. A funny thing he said was he asked how do bees talk? They dance. He's got some interesting beliefs about dancing. And things like that. But he's a nice guy and took the Book of Mormon. Also, we set up six appointments four for two specific times. Anziano once was a bit worried about that. I was just hoping to see two of the four. And they all fell through. It would be way too predictable and easy if they did not. 

Anziano Thomas and Harbin are the Capi here I know both of them and I've sent pictures home of both. They are both super awesome and two of the nicest guys I know.. I'll send pictures here sometime. I'm hoping to go back to Trento and Bolzano and also see an opera in the arena... Oh, last super funny thing. After talking to someone I switched spots in the train... And two Nigerian women started talking to me. They were so funny. I didn't sit by them and they talked to me. But we got their numbers and gave them to the sisters. They were super funny I should have taken a video. I'll hopefully have more to write about next week.

We day flow..
Anziano Gridley

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