Wednesday, June 1, 2016

I Day Speak

Dear family and friends,

Temo temo. Sento. Per l'amore che ti do. Per l'amore che non sai. Per l'amore che non ho e per l'amore che vorrei. Attraverso questo mare.

This week was really good. A lot of the time we were helping the Falchi family move. They are still staying in Pesaro. But we've been helping them a fair bit. And later today we will be helping them

We went and saw Teresa and her family Jean Luca went out to go street dancing. But we had dinner with her husband and Alessandro and her. It went super good. Her husband is super open and he likes to read the bible to see what will happen in these times. If a family could get baptized here in Pesaro. They are that awesome. We'll see. We are trying to help them read or listen to the Book of Mormon making it as easy for them as possible. They live a little bit outside of Pesaro so hopefully, we can also find a solution to that as I don't want her to have to drive us every time we come to go back.

Sergey and us
The other night. We were out finding. And I was wanting to go home. A little bit early. I can't remember. Oh yeah. I hadn't written my talk for Sacrament meeting. And it was Saturday night. I was thinking maybe about getting home fifteen minutes early so I could write it. But I was like. Am I bill Grogan's goat. Or a man. So I figured we'd go all the way to the spot and then came back. I then ran into an old investigator I've run into before it was good I ran into him because we are hopefully going to see him tonight. And he hadn't been answering our phone calls. And then we ran into these three university students from Trieste. They were awesome. The guy I talked to as Anziano D mostly talked to the other guy. Was super nice. Like I started to ask him if he was interested in English class and then this guy stopped and was super interested in what I had to say before he had understood what I wanted. We talked to them for a good while (hours) and we got home a little over an hour after we should be at our house. Next time you are thinking to be a Bill Grogan's goat. Don't do it. But yeah that was a super cool thing.

We ran into Sergey again our Russian friend. We spent a good bit of time with him and gave him a Book of Mormon and taught about the restoration. Where the book comes from etc. He's super awesome. He is a baptist but not like those southern baptists who just sing.

Transfers happened. Anziano Dohms went up north. And Anziano Sosa is with us for today. Anziano D and I are staying the same. Which is good. It's good I'm staying for three months in a city really isn't enough time. Unless you get lucky or something. So we'll see what happens. For me, I'm meant to stay here. And even if I'm not. I will be meant to stay here cause I'll make things happen.

Besides, that nothing super happened. It was a super fast week. And due to the Falchis we had less time to find people. Oh. Maurizio started smoking again hardcore. And we probably won't see him again while I'm here (he is welcome to come to church). He had quit for over two weeks. So that's too bad. I believe we should have more than just one-second chance and I believe in mercy. But as missionaries, we're to help people make progress. He's got to make some progress.

Progress towards God. Why not.

Al improvviso amore. Come il mare. E sarĂ  naturale. Come espirare.

I greet you,
Anziano Gridley

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