Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Eating Free Pizza In the Rimini Church With the Zone.. Why Not.

Dear family and friends,

Sith spit.

There hasn't been much that's been happening. But we always seem busy. We got a few investigators who are sticking around so that's really nice.

Celestina has been doing pretty good. We have met with her a few recently and she's making small progress. She knows the Book of Mormon is true etc. She just wants to know if she needs to be baptized again etc. She is from Nigeria but she's married to an Italian. Her husband really loves her. If she wants to get baptized I'm betting he'd follow her as he loves her that much.

Pietro is an older Italian that lives with his mom that's an evangelist. We've met with him a couple of times. He's pretty cool. He just doesn't seem to really want to commit himself.

We then got the three musketeers. Abraham is from Nigeria and is one of the nicest Nigerians ever. He's like the cute frank from back in the day but he's reliable. He lives about twenty-five minutes from Fano. When we came the first time the directions to come weren't the best so it took me calling him 8ish times. And he always would answer. If just for that. He's a special guy. Maybe this week we'll try to get him a bike so he can bike to Fano and then take the train to Pesaro.

Evans is from Ghana. We've met with him a couple of times. He likes to party a bit but he's been meeting with us and doing pretty good. He brought a Muslim Ghanaian the first lesson we did with him with president Di Nuzzo. He goes to a different church. We just need someone to find out this is true enough so they will pretty much change big things in their lives. Like the church , hey go to. Coming closer to God. Etc. So we're trying to get that for someone.

Kennedy is the Nigerian who plays the guitar. We ran into him again and we met with him the next day. We met with him yesterday and it wasn't perfect. But at the end he told us some personal things. He said we were really nice and he wants us to tell him about Joseph smith and stuff. This is coming from the guy who wouldn't give us his number when we first met him. And really does not like the Book of Mormon. I've met much worse. I believe in this guy.

So last p day we went to a small country in Italy called San Marino. It's near Rimini. I'm not sure why there is a random small country in Italy. But yeah we went and saw everything and we missed our bus coming back. there are about 30,000 people in the country and only one family is a member of the church.

You were the chosen one.

We day try,
Anziano Gridley

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