Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Alps are screaming my name

Basic principles..
Know what you want.. And then do what you have to do get it. Any woman
can fall for any man. You just need the right broom.

I got this pretty cool but funny green camo coat jacket in
Alessandria... It is sort of nice.. And sort of not. Anziano Galli
really doesn't like it.. He tells me I won't get married with that
jacket.. And then offers me stuff to throw it away. It reminds me of a
coat I had as a kid.. A big puffy camo coat...

For lunch I fed Ali some peanut butter and jelly sandwitches.. They
don't have peanut butter here in Italy (I am guessing in Europe). He
said his mom used to make him peanut butter and jelly sandwitches all
the time.. I guess Africa is more advanced than Europe in that they
have peanut butter.

Anziano Galli is crazy.

After shopping for things here in Italy.. I don't recommend the place
we went to for buying my missionary stuff.. You can get nicer things
for cheaper.. Especially here in Italy.. I got some shoes half off for
about 60€ that are about as nice as the shoes we got at home for a lot
more.. Anyways for the next 5 sons.. I don't recommend those kind of

We have an investigator tell us about how he feels that he has not
repented about some things in his past.. That they are just sort of
there in the background... Which I sort of found personally completely
unnecessary. That from the bible and Book of Mormon we learn how
important it is to repent now.. Even if it is a bit hard. If we are
breaking a commandment.. The answer is to change ourselves and what we
are doing.. Not to excuse ourselves in whatever way we want and come
up with excuses. It is unnecessary to have old sin on us.. If we are
willing to change etc.

I like talking to strangers because a lot of the time.. They don't
talk to you at all etc.. I could tell them

I was going to do something
great for them and they would not care in the slightest.. But every
once just a while you run into someone who listens and talks to you
and you connect with and have a good conversation.. It isn't all the
time but it is nice when it happens.

This morning we are hiking some mountains near here.. A lady showed me
pictures last week.. It was pretty beautiful. I am excited.

Casle monferato is about 11 miles from vercelli.. Which is kind of
funny because I have been to casale about 10 times earlier in my

I don't know if these shoes are really me.
Listen to me right now. You bought the shoes. You look great in the
shoes. That's the kind of you I'm talking about right now.

Anziano Gridley

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