Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Padawan of the Pizza

Buona Vita Famiglia e Amici,

My favorite sister, I am most happy about you making a quilt, I read this Proverbs 31:10-31 and thought of you. Hopefully this helps you in life. On that note, I have just finished reading Proverbs and Ecclesiastes. Those books in the Old Testament are so groovy cool. They are just basically basic wisdom and knowledge from about life and God. They're probably my favorite book(s) in the Old Testament. Solomon (I'm pretty sure is the author) and I have thought of a lot of the same stuff. If you are LDS, Christian, or anything it would be good to read and just gain some basic knowledge about life.

There isn't really an apostrophe on these keyboards. Sorry Dad. (Editor's note: all apostrophes in his emails have been added  :(   

We went to the Pizza restaurant owned by the LDS member again. I started talking to him about the dark art of Pizza. Next week we are hoping to go over to his store and to learn this art first hand. I asked him what the secret is, he responded that passion is the secret. I've got plenty of that so I should be coming home a pro. Also that ingredients and experience is important. The water is very important, dont touch the water too much, and since the water in Utah isn't as good as in Italy, he suggested leaving the tap running 24 hours before using the water to make pizza. I'm not sure if everything he will teach will be vale la pena. (Worth the pain) The best pizza in the world might be worth it however, so we will see.=)

We also ate cow intestine at his restaurant. It was really good. There were veggies and oils in the dish that helped make it good.

Anziano Larson was a serious hardcore dancer before the mission. He has won National competitions and what not. He also is usually always sick. Not much I can do for him. Our heating was broken for about a month a week ago. We finally got it fixed and that has been helping. I often am teasing him all in good fun.

The weather here is probably warmer than Utah right now. It is pretty nice.

I have really grown a gigantic liking for General Conference talks. I can't seem to read enough of them. I decided I wanted to read all of the Conference talks available which means the last 44 years worth. I'm really excited to start that.

I tried to start exercising in the morning starting with jumping jacks. I started to hurt my feet, making blisters, hence stopping for a few days. I can report gladly though that Anziano Larson and I went running this morning. Hopefully this legacy will live on and help me become super healthy. 

Alberto should be getting baptized this Saturday. I have been asked to Baptize him. Which is really cool. Something kind of special. He is a bit of a bigger man and I'm hoping I don't drop him. The baptismal prayer in Italian is. "Avendo ricevuto l'incarico di Gesù Cristo. Io ti battezzo nel nome del Padre, del Figlio e dello Spirito Santo."(Pardon the spelling). I dont want to forget that either. So basically I just have to not drop him and say the words right and it should be good. He is a really great man and I am blessed to have been able to teach him. Some fun things about him.. He has some interesting views about marijuana and how it can and should be used for medical purposes haha. Also he wanted to get a tattoo of a heart on his shoulder with his daughters name, which we explained to him about our bodies being a temple. I am excited for the gospel to help him even more when he becomes a member.

 I have been studying the gospel and life quite a bit recently. I can't share everything I learn with you, but the more I learn.. The more I am converted to the gospel and believe in the Church. I don't like how people wont listen to us on the streets and don't care about religion and things that are important and aren't willing to change. In proverbs it talks a lot about how a wise man should love being rebuked or love changing to becoming better, that if you strike a wise man he will learn more from that than a fool who recieves 100 lashings. For myself I am always going to try to hear people, give them respect and learn more of good things.

Good work family in giving the missionaries some names. This is a good thing (speaking from experience). 

Faith Hope and Charity are good things, Six things that are Dangerous, Destructive to this is. Doubt leads to, Discouragement, Discouragement leads to Distraction, Distraction leads to Lack of Diligence, Lack of Diligence leads to Disobedience, Disobedience leads to Disbelief, you have now joined the Dark Side.. Congratulations. Work on good things and not these bad things. Try to have more good things than bad things in your life, and if you aren't doing this right now. Change It.

If we are doing these three things among other things than you are on a good path and shouldn't fall away. (This is a guideline). Praying (especially at morning and night), Going to church, and reading the scriptures. If anything in your life is making you not want to do these things, it's generally not a good thing and you should do the three things. When I don't want to do these three things is generally when I needed them most. We met two men on the street both in pretty dire circumstances. One refused to pray the other askes US to pray for him. Sometimes people don't let God help them, how can you expect God to help you if you won't let him. 

Hence I challenge y'all to be willing to take reproof. To be willing to change and reach your potential. If you do something kind of dumb and Dad says something trying to help you learn. Listen, and take the reproach and become better. Be willing to learn from the strike instead of the 100 lashes. I'd invite you to pick one thing specifically in your life that is of this topic of changing or accepting criticism and working on it.

I do care about y'all. May you find, deserve and earn, love, in honor of this time of season, from God, your family, and that other person.

Auguri. (I wish you the best)

Anziano Gridley

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