Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Week 1 from Elder Gridley

It's been a week that I have been serving (in the MTC). Probably the story for me this week is that I've been working on getting into "mission mode" and this week I've worked hard, been mostly focused etc, surprisingly well actually, but I'm now in "mission mode" and I'm ready for the next two years. Thank you for the emails and the package. Please don't think it's distracting or anything, cause it's not. As a missionary it's worth more than "silver". So thank you and don't be discouraged. 

Language- I can have a very basic conversation with someone, say a prayer, and bear my testimony all from memory (which is the gift of tongues). A lot of time is devoted to learning the language (and personal study). Anyways I'm surprising myself and I don't anticipate it being a huge problem, though it's making me work extra hard.

Mio Collega (My Companion) - is a Texan... and yes he fits all the stereo types (He has an accent and thinks that Texas should secede from the union, among other things). He is really funny and charismatic (he was prom king). He's a runner who's 150 pounds. If you can imagine (I'll send you a pic soon). He's had five years of Spanish so he's got it a bit easier there, and he's helped me a lot. Two funny things about him... He says "Good Night o' Livin", Which sounds like... "Good nine eleven." It's funny. He often will say as well... No.. it's ok... I'm not upset.. We're still friends. He's mastered this. He's also good at story telling. He's great. He's easy to get along with and when I first saw him I felt like I'd met him before ;) haha. I get along with everyone, kind of easy for me.

Other roommates- Elder H is fun he's the zone leader and we have fun with him about it. Like if you were to say to him can you help me move this pen, as a random example someone else would say, "He tells you to move the pen, he's the zone leader". It's funny trust me. He often as well will go into a whiny voice for a sentence, he's mastered this.
Anziano Stroh is another roommate. He is from Chicago and has an accent as well. He's kind of lazy etc, but he's a good elder. He's also the district leader. He's kind of husky, he wrestled. 

Two Spiritual Experiences- 

  1. I bore my testimony Sunday. I tried to think of what my real cord of my testimony was. The spirit got really strong so I fought to bear my testimony (if you don't stand quickly and go up another missionary will). I was shaking from the spirit and just shared the core of my testimony is that I've seen miracles in my own life that have meant the world to me, and this gospel makes me happy and I know what the opposite is.
  2. David A Bednar we watched a video of a devotional he did. It was really good, main thing from it was how Christ was always turning outward and we should too.
MTC Fun Facts-  We use a card to enter buildings, get food etc. Missionaries are very spiritual etc (I fell inadequate but not too inadequate), but in a lot of areas I think I can hold my own, which proves the point, "Don't marry someone just cause they are a return missionary". Others don't like the food but I do. It's buffet style. THERE ARE A LOT OF SISTER MISSIONARIES. Which is surprising to me. 

Me Things- Apparently I'm more independent than even I thought. I like the personal time etc, and I like it when it is quiet here. I'm blessed to be able to wake up on time each day with no trouble. We're teaching an "investigator" in Italian basically every day, so that's fun, though I have a hard time expressing myself (it's week 2 now so I'm not worried about it). It took me a while to adjust, but yeah I'm ready to go. Apparently I'm not that big of a slob compared to other missionaries. The Italian is messing with my English for instance, I wrote from a devotional yesterday. Be happy it's good to be.(Dang Nab it). They give us 50 minutes to exercise in the mornings, which I put to good use. My goal is to have at least a six pack by the time I come home. 

Please write me long letters if you wish, I'm busy, but I do have time to read them.

I love ya'll and miss ya
Anziano Gridley


  1. His "Silver" reference has to do with his investment in "Silver" with Grandpa Gridley. Hope the price of silver doubles by the time he gets home.

  2. It's hard to believe our missionaries are soon coming home! ~ Lori Stroh, mom of the above mentioned Anziano Stroh :0)