Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Elder Gridley's second week in the MTC

*Anziano Gridley's Captains Log
Stardate 12.11.14
Message For Family (Cadets) and friends (Captains),

To teach new people, to boldly teach where no one has been taught before. These are the adventures of the voyage... Of The MTC.

Federally Funded Fun - My Companion and our roommates wore mustaches this morning to laundry and worked on our accents, it was pretty funny. I quit sugary goodies this week. No more candy etc. I may make some exceptions in Italy, but I hope to stick to it. I'm going to work on moderation as well. I drink apple juice with every meal. I may become a volley ball champion in my life, we'll see. My camera ran out of batteries after I've used it like three times. I'll have to take out the batteries after I'm done with the camera after each use or something, not sure what happened. Someone changed the typing on the keyboard to polish. Which basically the only difference was the Y button was now a Z button and vice versa and it was taking me a long time to write this, luckily I've fixed it now haha. 

Thank you Aunt (Captain) Kristen for the bread!

Foreign Freedom Frolicking - I lost my small note book last week and so I bought a new one and I'm starting to use it again. We're teaching in Italian about twice a day, to our teachers. I can speak generally like a five year old on the spot to them if I need to make a conversation. Generally I prepare what I want to say before hand. But the spirit is strong even in these lessons. They want us to memorize a bunch of things in Italian, which I'm semi not doing as well on, I figure learning words and vocab and reading scriptures is more important but I am trying some what. My accent is pretty bad. Especially when I'm reading Italian. I sound terrible and I go really slow. 

Free Frenzy - Hebrews 11 Is a good read on faith, and the first I think 16 verses of Hebrews 12 also holds good wisdom is you'd like to look it up. I finished The New Testament Last week and I'm reading D&C along with the Book of Mormon. I'm focusing more on spiritually learning than language learning, trusting in the Gift of Tongues. It seems to be working. 

Also in D&C early members of the truth often asked them selves what is the greatest work God would like me to do. The answer was missionary work, which is really neat for me. I'm really excited to serve right now.
Spiritual Experiences - I was having a hard time understanding the Scripture that said, "If you lose your life you shall gain it." While also another scripture basically says, "I will protect and help you in life." Seems contradictory almost, and who in their right mind wants to lose their life, that's just dumb. Doesn't sound that appealing to me. Also this missionary who had returned home and was a janitor told us how he was having a hard time, after we had done service in the morning and were waiting in a big group. I was basically just afraid and worried a bit. It wasn't super serious. Anyways I prayed about the scriptures, and I didn't get an answer about the scriptures, but I feel at peace about it. So yes my prayer was answered. 

Another spiritual experience was a devotional. These General Authorities that give talks are often blunt etc, and it's really interesting to see. The main things he taught was... I am a full time missionary (as in I shouldn't stop being a missionary on P Day etc)... Speak to people in Italy slowly and with eye contact.. To save marriage - Be kind to one another... There are no transfers in marriage... Prepare now for marriage... Now is a good time to take care of myself so I can take care of my family later... I should always keep my goals in mind and work towards them. It was an exceptional talk.

I loved the letters and packages and I greatly appreciate it. Days go fast out here, but at the same time incredibly slow, sort of depends on the day. 

I don't think you could write me enough etc if you tried so don't worry about it. I'm generally happy out here and I'm doing good. Probably my biggest problem is living in the moment (which even Jesus taught). Hence missionary mode is a bit hindered. Not a big deal. I'm working on it. I feel like this is not my mission, and that I just need to let myself get carried and just not be kicking and screaming as it happens. (I do feel like I'm getting carried). I'm kind of the quiet one out of our room. I've been called an introvert twice out here. Which is fine as long as I'm not selfish which I'm working on. I feel like I'm becoming an adult and a Man out here, and I'll be both when I come home. My problems are very minor so don't think I'm freaking out out here. I'm basically a super hero from the scriptures right now and I'm participating in a work bigger than myself. 

With Love,

Anziano Gridley
*End Captains Log

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