Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I have met Buster Baxter

Dear Family and Amici,

His power level is over 9000,

To answer Mom a bit, I'm glad you're pleased with these letters, normally I'm a bit more of a private person I suppose. Kind of how I've been molded. Even in my journal I'm writing in.  No one but me will understand too much what I'm writing haha, everything I write is sort of in code etc. These letters have a lot more details and what not than my journal. These letters are kind of like The large plates of the Book of Mormon, my journal is the words of Mormon, and there are smaller plates that I'm making as well.

We had a change for a day in comps, I was with Anziano Wilson. He is sooo funny, and he was really respectful to me which I appreciated. We had quite a bit of success. About six lessons in 24 hours and two new investigators which is really good. He did all of the talking really. I'd pray for us every little bit and we had a lot of success. In Italy people interrupt each other a lot. The older missionaries have adapted and know how to interrupt to say what they need to as needed and tactfully. I don't know how to do this yet. Literally one lesson with Anziano Wilson the whole time someone was always talking, they'd just interrupt each other hence zero silence. Hopefully I'll become a master of this skill.

Anziano Wilson and I had a really cool miracle together. We went to this other city where, there is this man who about a month ago was really excited to be baptized, he had a date, he was getting ready etc. But one day Anziano Taylor and his comp at the time couldn't get a hold of him again. They called about 1000 times etc, went by his house often, he was gone. We went by yesterday and we found his apartment, he wasn't there, we left a little note for him and were leaving to go teach on the street. We met him outside shortly after, he was carrying a bunch of suitcases. He had been in the Hospital in another city for over a month without his phone, and was just coming home from the train station when we met with him. Coincidence... I think not. Anziano Taylor thought we were lying at first because of how odd it was. We were all really happy.

We got a referral from the Sister Missionaries of this man named John. We met with him after a bit of trouble. We taught him and his sister in their home, with his brother in the other room. (They spoke English which at times was kind of hard to understand). They were so ready to listen and to understand. We left two Book of Mormons with them. We are hoping things work out with them. I have grown a love quickly of Africans. They are so great, generally very humble and kind. I care about them a lot and hence have big hopes. It does seem a lot easier to be kind to those who are kind to you, more than being kind to those who treat you terribly.

The church here in Alessandria just bought a table tennis table that got here last week. It's fun to spend time with the Gans (Single adults), Sunday night for their family home evening. I have a lot of passion for competitive things for some reason. Sometimes its not manifest in my life quite as much. Which I don't particularly like. Especially with the gospel etc here on my mission. Granted I have passion for it, I'm hoping to gain more and that it'll be more manifest though.

Which brings us to Language Of The Week. Instead of saying though or other words in certain scenarios, you say perĂ², which roughly means however. It's a word used a lot.
We have met a man and taught him a few times, his name is Paul. Hes a Catholic who's a really good man, hes taking care of his mother right now, and he is thinking about joining this sort of Catholic monk group where basically they give away all they have, and spend their time helping disabled people. He was thinking of doing this, wasnt completely sure.... and then he met us=). Hopefully we can help him to make whatever the right decision is.

I noticed last week that kind of part of me hasn't been here the whole time on my mission. Sort of asleep you could say. I've made sure I'm all here and that seems to be helping.

Alberto (the man with the wife that is out of the country) has been coming to church the last two weeks. In church he made an observation in Priesthood saying, You know I've watched a lot of Dragon Ball Z and it seems to me that Goku goes and trains a whole lot, and then he becomes super strong, and eventually becomes a super Saiyan. I wonder/think about, if people work the same way, they train and master themselves and then they become super Saiyan. It was really funny haha.

Spiritual Thought I have been reading quite a bit from the old testament recently. I wanted to read all of the four books of scripture on my mission (I'm almost done), and hence I'm reading in the Old Testament.

2 Chronicles 28/29/32. Chapter 28: There Is a wicked king who like a lot of his fathers does wickedly and then dies. Chapter 29 his son becomes king, and for whatever reason he turns to the God of Israel despite his father and lots of other bad examples and helps his people turn to him as well. Chapter 32 A city that's important is surrounded by some of the philistines and it doesn't look super good for the Israelites. An angel comes and kills some of them (during the night). The philistines leave.

The huge point I've taken out of the Old Testament is... if you keep Gods commandments you will prosper and he will help you.. if you don't he will not. This happens over and over in the Old Testament with lots of bad and good examples. For me I want to be like the good kings. I'd invite those of you to try this out. As in follow what God wants you to do, keep his commandments and teachings etc, and he will bless you. Try it like this good righteous king. Another story you may like is 2 Chronicles 20 if you'd like to read it of another righteous king who is helped.

Things are pasta side up here in Italy, things are going good. Trying to improve myself as a missionary and person and hopefully I'll have more good news for y'all. Auguri... (best wishes). I am thankful for the good friends and family I have, I'm praying for y'all.

Can you hear me now............................................................ Good    =)

With Love,

Anziano Gridley

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